RipTen Review: Orcs Must Die!

RipTen - Orcs Must Die! isn’t your typical tower defense game. Which is why the game excels at being one of the most fun and fascinating tower defense games I’ve played in quite some time

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xPhearR3dx4191d ago

Very fun tower defense game.

Vagrant4191d ago

Killing orcs is always an enjoyable pastime.


Good review guys keep it up

Psychonaughty4190d ago

It was a fun demo but I found the game a bit stressful tbh, mind you the only tower defence game I've ever enjoyed was gemcraft! Saying that, it wasn't the "tower defence" aspects that were stressful but the shooty/swordy parts, which felt unrefined and ineffective and well not fun.

Shame, because if they worked on those parts a bit longer this could of been a must buy.