Need for Speed: The Run - On The Edge Trailer

Check out this new On The Edge Trailer of Need for Speed:The Run!

Game is hitting shelves 15-11-2011 across North America!

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Godmars2902842d ago

This trailer has at least made me interested in wanting to try a demo.

saladthieves2842d ago

Same here.

EA will milk this franchize to DEATH. (If they haven't already).

The last need for speed that I enjoyed playing was Underground 2 - and maybe Hot Pursuit. The rest didn't interest me, like Most Wanted looking too similar to Undercover. EA has pretty much stretched the series everywhere, from simulation (Shift 2) to arcade (Most Wanted).

When it comes to racing, I'm more of an arcade person and so far no Need for Speed game comes close to Criterion Games' Burnout series, like Burnout Paradise, Revenge or Takedown. That's just my opinion.

In terms of driving simulation, I prefer the Dirt series (that's as close to simulation as I can go!).

Hockeydud192839d ago

But at least Need for Speed offers something a bit different with each game. They try to change up the formula etc.

MitchellK2842d ago

I like cars and racing and all. But i just find they make too many need for speed games, and at the core they are all too simillar.

spunnups2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

agreed, and no matter how many NFS games they make this gen, they won't top Burnout Paradise, unless Criterion makes a sequel.

madpuppy2842d ago

blah, I want to see real gameplay, especially the on foot sequences.

I cannot get a feel for this game with these scripted videos.

shikamaroooo2842d ago

The game has the best car sounds iv heard in a game