Zune Possibly Facing Patent Troubles

Microsoft has made big promises for the Zune, and one of those promises include wireless music sharing, which may now bring them into patent problems with some MIT students.

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THWIP5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

I'm sorry, but I find it very amusing (and impossible to believe) that there's ONLY ONE instance of patent infringement MS will be faced with over ZUNE. Let's be honest's ripping off pretty much every PDA, MP3 player, and handheld game or media player EVER MADE.

calderra5864d ago

Just in case, notice how iPod's been doing some settlements lately... this is getting ridiculous.

For the love of God, research your patents, people!

BIadestarX5864d ago

what!? "With the tunA project we are investigating a way to use music in order to connect people at a local scale, through the creation of dynamic and ad-hoc wireless networks. tunA allows users to listen to what other people in physical proximity are listening to, synchronized to enable the feeling of a shared experience. tunA also provides the opportunity to users to share their songs in many situations and while moving around, fostering a sense of awareness of the surrounding physical environment."
Zune it's not going to re-invent anything it will simply use current technology (wi-fi) instead of using a usb wire to download files(music) from another computer or from the internet. If this is patent infringement than my PDA, PSP, Mobile Phone and laptop are all in violation of this patent. I think their patent describes something like Ares or Kazaa. Nice try...

dikturbo5864d ago

Time to dig deep into the philantrophy budget and find a nice big reward for the good work being done at MIT. Not that they likely aren't one of the schools biggest donors.

DJ5864d ago

But yeah, it is pretty funny. O well, someone had to infringe on it eventually; it just happened to be Microsoft. They've got boatloads of money so it won't kill them to either license tunA or study the patent from every angle and try to find a workaround solution.