Pre-Order Playstation 3

Pre-Order Playstation 3
Find out where you can buy Playstation 3 systems and games for the best prices from over 30 leading online retailers...

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HyperBear5391d ago

because we already know that only the online site and only 2 of them are pre-ordering, but if no major reatilers are, then who cares. I know its just a list an all, but it would be more useful by next month, when pre-orders will take place and then they can refer to that on where to pre-order from.

5391d ago
PS360PCROCKS5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

wow so one store is doing pre-orders and you get Warhawk, Singstar, and formula one 06 and it's $695 which is actually not to bad considering it's the premium PS3

OutLaw5391d ago

Only one place to pre-order and it's at the UK. So is that pre order for the March launch?

BIadestarX5391d ago

not one COOL, so far 12 lame... probably the most I've seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.