Battlefield 3 Beta Graphics Comparison: PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC

It’s well known that the PC is the “lead platform” for the upcoming shooter from DICE and EA. However, some out there wonder just what the difference in graphics will be between the three platforms Battlefield 3 will release on. Well, we’ve taken a little time to make this comparison video for you.

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Optical_Matrix4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

The PC version looks beautiful as per usual. You can see that the PS3 has better lighting than the 360 version. Look at the point at which he looks towards the sun in the first 15 seconds of the video. The 360 version lacks lens flare and the shadows and colour saturation aren't as prominent as the PS3 version. All 3 still look good.

EDIT: Just watched the full video. The 360 lacks a lot of lighting assets that the PS3 and PC version have. I mean look at the last comparison. The lights on the ceiling don't even look like they're on on the 360 version.

Kleptic4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

this is one of the first games i've seen such a difference in lighting effects between the two consoles...this video doesn't show it as much, but watching others show how little bloom there is gun muzzle flares also...where the PS3 has some pretty different lighting effects associated...not saying one is better than the other, just different...which is normally not the case...

the 360 seems to have next to zero lens flare, like you mentioned...the sun seems 'more in the clouds' or something...

but you can see the lighting ambience is still way higher on the PC than the PS3, and the 360 has next to zero...I really wish the PS3 had as bright of light shining from the burning subway cars, because punks are always hiding in there!...

also note though...The PC version only allows 'ultra' for texture detail in the beta(unless they changed that in one of the patches)...all the other settings, including lighting tweaks are maxed at 'high'...probably why there is very little difference in the medium and ultra settings of the PC version in this video...

surprisingly one of the better comparisons i've seen...plenty of professional sites can't do half as good as this...

Maximus Corruptor4671d ago

Not much better graphically than Medal of Honor, I must say that I'm pretty disappointed with Dice. I speak fir consoles since I don't game on PC.

Shadowaste4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

nice comparisson!


why bother using medium settings at dirty 720p? to make the console version not look so horrible?>

put the pc version in 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p

Those are pc resolutions, I know the console version is some weird sub hd resolution but who cares, its a comparisson, not a communist love session!

The pc version of every single multiplatform game from the last ten years UTTERLY and completely DESTROYS every console version!


qwertyz4671d ago

you are correct the pc version of BF3 looks muc etter than the beta and will make all console games look like ps2 games just like hard reset, witcher 2, crysis 1.metro 2033,crysis 2, crysis warhead: gta 4 with mods and a few other pc games already humiliate console games in such a manner.

even multiplats that have come out on pc over the last few years look better than anything on consoles lol its really sad and some console fanboys are trying to say the ps3 version looks like the pc verison ? LOL

this is what pc BF3 final final version looks like

both console versions will look very similar

turgore4670d ago

stfu resolution is irrelevant. it allready stuttered horribly on the higher settings, at higher resolution it will be a slide show lol.
PS: Enjoy the horrible port of RAGE.

Shadowaste4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

I am playing the pc version of rage in true 1920x1080p with 16x q anti alaising and 8k textures at 60 frames with no pop-in!

The PC version is the one the game was DEVELOPED on like all games!
There is NEVER EVER a port to pc, only a port FROM pc to console, as all games are made on pc!

You are playing the console port of rage in sub hd with 2k textures and ZERO anti aliasing and pop-in everywhere!

I am having fun, thanks! Hope you do too!

Kleptic4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

take it easy dude...when you say 'PC', you're not saying any standard platform (I'm assuming that is why a lot of you put up that laundry list of crap in your computer that no one actually cares about)...PC is whatever hardware you have hooked together, and can run a program...the only real standard is that its not a 'mac', and even that is questionable depending on who you talk to...

All i'm saying is that when a high profile title is developed on 'PC' first...its not being built on some computer that any of you elitists actually own...Carmack was just commenting on ID Tech 5's development, stating 'most of it was done on hardware that consumers won't have access to for years'...and they then draw it back for current hardware available...Crytek said the exact same thing...

you say "they developed Rage on a PC, just like every other game!!!!!"

I say "they developed Rage on a box with stuff inside it, and used some electricity"

neither of us gave any relevant information on what was actually used to create the game...