3DS Games That Would Cost $0.99 On The iPhone

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Every video game system, no matter how cool, has a glut of disappointing titles that fail to take advantage of a machine's power.

Several years ago, we'd get suckered into buying these duds and attempt (through mental anguish) to find at least one good quality to justify spending $29.99-$39.99.

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AWBrawler2621d ago

Nice Try, but if you bothered with playing Steel diver, you'd know that it wouldn't work on the iphone because of the controls (bottom screen) and the repair element of the game (bottom screen again) and for all the content you get which include multiplayer, expert mode, periscope mode, and stuf of the sort, it would be well over 99 cent.

axisofweevils2621d ago

Exactly what I was going to say.
While he may have a point with the other games, Steel Diver is a game that could only work on the 3DS.

Venox20082621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

steel diver is a good game, but too bad it's short.. but there's tactics mode too, turn based.. :) didn't play frogger, but I think it's not a bad game too, because it has more than any frogger (shooting helicopters at you, friends that help you in a journey and other things).. one day I'll buy it.. actually Super monkey ball 3D could be good, but why the hell devs made it soooo easy and with borders?!? that you almost can't fall? that's the biggest problem