RipTen Review: Dark Souls

RipTen - Dark Souls is a game with many merits that appeals directly to a certain sadistic breed of gamer. It’s not a game you come home to, to sit back and relax. It’s a game in which you test yourself and your patience. While most of your time with the game will be spent cursing at your television, your overall sense of satisfaction, completion and progress will serve as its own reward.

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xPhearR3dx4196d ago

Great game, getting close to the end.....I think. At least, after 30+ hours I should be lol

DarkMellie4196d ago

Getting mine tomorrow... I'm strangely nervous!

McCullster4196d ago

It's dark, it's got souls in it! YES!

StillGray4196d ago

I'm dying for my copy to arrive today.

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