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The complete official Dark Souls Walkthrough online guide is out and will get you from start to finish for this action RPG horror thrill adventure from Namco Bandai. This is a complete Dark Souls walkthrough that covers objectives, class builds, items, weapons, co-op, all missions and everything else within the game providing instructions on best battle tactics to handle all objectives and bosses, where you can discover special items and secret locations. The game strategy guide is online, printable, and downloadable from GameGuideDog and is compatible for PS3 and Xbox 360. It also includes developer and publisher support as always, so if you want to get the most out of this game, make sure grab your own copy of this Dark Souls Walkthrough.

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Nitrowolf22570d ago

ah who uses walkthrough for this game!!

lol it's an awesome game

gameguidedog2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Lol, well, it's invaluable for class builds, tactics, and survival, at least that's what the members have been screaming about. :)

dragonmoon2570d ago

you shouldn't advertise what you don't have

zerocrossing2570d ago

I know right? you can't honestly have beaten a game if you use the walkthrough, there's no point in buying Dark Souls unless you play it properly.

JerryMatters2570d ago

dragonmoon, you should post flame messages without knowing what you are talking about. I've been using the guide since this morning.

dragonmoon2570d ago

in any case you cant get the guide at i think its a scam!!! i joined to get the guide and it is not there despite the many advertisements that it is !!! I personally like guides so i can navigate while others are playing and get in tough situations. so i am very dissappointed.

JerryMatters2570d ago

dragonmoon, check again. As a gold member I get instant updates, and it appears it went live earlier today. Did you use the searchbox? The menus are wonky in there sometimes at least till they update it so they've said.

dragonmoon2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

OK now its there, and I have no problem admitting that I posted hastily. But it wasn't, I have been trying for several hours now to find it and it just came up. so if nothing else maybe the posts I made here helped to get it fixed. I am satisfied now. and maybe they are not a scam, but what was i to think?? really?? and you cannot download it the image is a bit misleading

KaBaW2569d ago

I never use guides.. and, if I did, I certainly wouldn't use one for this type of game.

It just seems like it would ruin the experience..