PlayStation LifeStyle - Fifa 12 Review

It’s that time of year again – time for the leaves to change colors, temperatures to fall, days to become shorter, and, of course, time for some football soccer! FIFA has remained the top of the crown when it comes to video game incarnations of footy, with PES breathing right down its neck. This year, EA Sports has taken a bold move, and completely redone its defensive game. But do the major changes to its control style help or hurt the king of the pitch? Find out in our review!

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imoutofthecontest3275d ago

Clearly not very much has been updated if they're using last year's logo. Come on EA, at least MS Paint a 2 over the second 1.

farhad2k83275d ago

Everyone keeps saying that not much has been changed, well I've been purchasing all the FIFA's since 2002, and SO much has changed since last years version.
First of all, tactical defending means that when you're playing online, the opposing team can't just skill their way past you, if you hit circle/B at the right time, you can easily stop them.
Also, the career mode is much, much more advanced this year, there's training injuries, scouting teams, youth academy, transfer deadline day and much more!!
There's also 4 commentators now, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith do the Premiership, while Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend do the tournament matches.
The Legendary difficultly is much more difficult than last year, I would usually dominate Blackburn in FIFA 11, but in this game, they won against me 3-2 !!
Online play has less lag compared to last years version.
The build up to the match has also changed, you can also easily swap out your team in career mode, unlike last year where you had to manually select each player and then swap them.
Online seasons between you and your mates, EA SPORTS Football Club is a really nice feature aswell.

There's literally SO MUCH changes, it's unbelievable!
So worth the £40.

imoutofthecontest3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Originally, the logo in this story was the Fifa 2011 logo. ;)

TKCMuzzer3275d ago

Shame the game still has freezing issues in mid match. This is not impressive, nor is the over skilled A.I in the lower leagues and the dumb team A.I in the lower leagues.
Play Fifa 12 as a top club and yes it recreates the game well, play as the lower league teams and it's still got a way to go.