RipTen Review: RAGE

RipTen - Not only have id Software and Bethesda Softworks gone above and beyond my expectations for the title, they’ve given new life to the FPS genre in so many ways that it no longer feels stale.

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xPhearR3dx4194d ago

This game is amazing. Nuff said.

CrzyFooL4194d ago

Just unlocked on Steam!!!

meetajhu4194d ago

Guys Guys Guys nobody believed me first that when i said Rage will be the best looking game. This is why i'm idsoftware fan from the day i started gaming. I think no one can beat the best looking [email protected] record.

DasBunker4194d ago

so far only low name sites are giving it mixed reviews.. will have to wait till/if i play it to make my call

CGI-Quality4194d ago

(Strategy Informer) isn't a low name site (they're counted by Metacritic in fact). Still, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, but everyone isn't going to give it 8s and 9s.

DasBunker4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

well i havent seen a lot of reviews.. must have missed that one.. im not following closely this game..

EDIT: LOL i actually posted in that review... i should really go to bed now..

D-Yoshii4194d ago

The best FPS ever? That's certainly one heck of a call!

That said, I wasn't interested in this game in the slightest and haven't been for a while. No New Game+ sucks a little but hey I love no auto-save and I love 60fps in mt FPS titles so I'm definitely going to look into this one a little bit more.

killyourfm4194d ago

No auto-save, no competitive multiplayer, and a really week narrative. 9.5 huh?

xPhearR3dx4194d ago

There's competitive multiplayer, wtf you smoking?

ryhanon4193d ago

The game has no competitive FPS multiplayer.

It has vehicle racing and arenas (and from what I've been reading in many of the reviews, these aren't particularly good), and co-op.

rdgneoz34194d ago

First, Rage has competitive multiplayer technically, "The competitive side of things is vehicle combat between four players". You may not like it, but doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Also, COD has an even weaker narrative and you can beat a BLOPS mission on hardened difficulty without firing a single bullet except for the scripted sequences where you have to - and it gets 9.5's / 10's.

ronin4life4193d ago

Why dose a game have to save for you in order to be good?
And while a good narrative can add alot, I don't see how it's absence can make shooting bad guys not fun.

James Vanderbeek4193d ago

i dont really care for auto save. it screws me up sometimes if i am just screwing around and would like to load my last save.

why so many mixed reviews. reviewers are so useless these days. I swear!

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