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Those looking for the RAGE Walkthrough, it's now available and will guide you from start to finish for this action cataclysmic first person adventure from Bethesda and ID Software. This is a complete RAGE walkthrough that covers objectives, weapons, co-op, all missions and everything else within the game providing instructions on best battle tactics to handle all objectives and bosses, where you can discover special items and secret locations. The game strategy guide is online, printable, and downloadable from GameGuideDog and is compatible for PS3, PC and XBox 360. It also includes developer and publisher support as always, so if you want to get the most out of this game, make sure grab your own copy of this Rage Walkthrough.

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CPUSmith2573d ago

Rage is going to be great.

gameguidedog2573d ago

Dark Souls is up next actually, but i'm personally sinking my teeth into this one first! :)