EGM: Rage Review

EGM: All things considered, Rage is one hell of an experience. It would be easy to knock this game for some of the elements it lacks, but what is here in is easily on par with some of the best titles in the genre. If you’re a fan of FPS gaming and the kids at id, you won’t be sorry you picked this one up.

solar4383d ago

you gotta wait til thursday? :( that sucks mate.

ill be picking this up retail due to the size. got my co op partner lined up, and once we had enough RAGE, Portal 2 DLC is out also. what a great tuesday :D

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Biggest4383d ago

Neither can I. However, I am a little worried about this statement: It would be easy to knock this game for some of the elements it lacks. . ."

There are PLENTY of games being knocked for lacking elements. Why should Rage get special treatment?

SilentNegotiator4383d ago

"Critics" doesn't seem like the right term for VG critics anymore. Soooo many 8.5-10s. So many "perfect" games, so little "CRITIC"ism and analysis.

BattleTorn4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I think I understand what he means. There are many RPG elements that RAGE doesn't include (perhaps on purspose).
Such as Dialog choices, Leveling up, Picking Perks/skills, karma sides, ect.

It's much more about enviroment, unique enemies, and action!
(it also does have an inventory system which you can loot, buy/sell, and build items)

they've chosen to have a limited amount of weapons, with a multitude of ammo types for each. Once you have a weapon, you have, and no degrading of condition.

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gogospeedracer4383d ago

Finally a review and it's a good one! I can't wait for this game! Woot Woot!

clank5434383d ago

It sure reads like its fake. There's pretty much no detail at all and it is rather poorly written. While I want this game to be great, I'm definitely waiting for some other reviews.

Jamzluminati4383d ago

Thing is EGM is lenient on their reviews.

Forbidden_Darkness4383d ago

The thing is, even the official Rage Facebook page posted this on their wall, so its obviously legitimate

Biggest4383d ago

Movie advertisements for shitty movies have "reviews" from sites like OMGSCARYNEWS.com and Ijustmadethiswebsitetogivethis movie12stars.com all the time. Does that mean they're legitimate?

BinaryMind4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Meh, I'm pretty sure a lot of publications said the same thing about Doom 3. Look how that turned out.

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gogospeedracer4383d ago

Looks great on both! I mean, super close. Not sure if there is a difference.
Now you chose based on your system preference. I'm going with the PC myself.

finbars754382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Just wanted to let you guys know is that the game is awesome.Don't listen to all those guys going on about the comparisons between the xbox and ps3.The game looks sick and it's very enjoyable.To me right now it's the best looking game I have played this gen so far.The coop is sweet and the multiplayer is fun even though it's just driving and upgrading your vehicle it offers a lot of good times.

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Rampaged Death4383d ago

Can't wait for this. Definitely a GoTY contender in my opinion.

Mystickay864383d ago

October and November - I be broke. Seriously, just so many amazing AAA games coming out on these two months alone.

Perjoss4383d ago

Every year its the same, so many games released around this time. It's no problem though, I have learned that to play all the great games I just have to sacrifice the less important things like food and hot water.

Drazz4383d ago

Also, sleep is so overrated...

theEx1Le4383d ago

^^ This man speaks the truth!

DaTruth4383d ago

I just buy 2-3 games I really want in the early months, play games I didn't put enough time in on and replay my games in summer and buy 3-5 games post September!

padz14383d ago

^^So does this man apparently!

Gamer30004383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

looks awsome

@rampaged death
i guess you are right rampaged
i will delete my comment

Shield4383d ago

Awesome! I'll be picking this up along with Dark Souls tonight at midnight. Goodbye social life!