Chronic Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

SFL Chronicle: I have to admit that I am not at all interested in sports. I am a product of modern society, where staying fit and active equates to hitting the gym and lifting weights. It’s convenient and it doesn’t let competition get in the way of the goal. Sports have never been something I have been much interested in outside of the scope of baseball. Playing sports is something that almost never crosses my mind, and watching them on television less so. But playing them in video game form? I have always scoffed at the idea. That is the reason why when Konami sent me a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, I contemplated sending it back with a note to let them know that I was in no way qualified to review the game. After much convincing from friends, however, I gave it a shot and played it enough to want to write a review of it. Did it manage to capture me, someone who finds the sports game genre to be absolutely alien? Short answer? “Yes.” Long answer? Read on.

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