RoboAwesome's No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise | Review (PS3)

"No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is a High-Definition port of No More Heroes, a game that was originally released on the Wii and shouldn’t require an introduction. For the sadly deprived and uninformed, No More Heroes was the first major success by Suda51, who is now known as one of the craziest men in the video game industry. Full to bursting with wild punk rock energy, toilet humor (literally) and hilarious anime parodies, No More Heroes follows the adventures of Travis Touchdown, a super horny otaku with a past in pro-wrestling residing in the “NO MORE HEROES Motel.” After a drunken night at a bar he meets Sylvia, a mega babe that convinces him to participate in a ranked battle of assassins. Travis grabs the lightsa-er, “beam katana” he purchased on an online auction website and promptly beheads the lowest ranking assassin in the opening cutscene. What ensues afterwards is one of the zaniest action games of all time."

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Sidology3313d ago

game never stops being good~

dc13313d ago

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. Very smart dialog and classic pattern based boss fights were a big win for me.

Evildoomnerd3313d ago

I loved Grasshopper's Killer7 so I was certain NMH would be pretty awesome. I haven't had boss fights this good since Folklore.

dc13313d ago

I'm ashamed to say that I never finished Folklore. ... and I need to Jump on Killer7.

Moduserous3313d ago

That's some serious bottom boob in the picture - LoL!

RoboRyan3313d ago

This easily one of the best games to come out on Wii and I'm glad that it's come to PS3 so more people can experience it.