Three great games you may have never played

Taking a look at three games that may have gotten overlooked

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DBLDeathDealer3546d ago

Not a big fan of Risk. Probably because the board game peeks my interest more. Either way, these are some great games for sure.

gypsygib3546d ago

Android and iphone games offer the same entertainment as the ones listed are way cheaper.

3GenGames3546d ago

Multiplayer on phones and such aren't as good though. And I doubt that have single player campaigns like those mainly do.

shotright3545d ago

I have a lot of great iphone games that I play regularly, but spending a couple hours battling a few friends and talking smack playing Risk Fractions is a different experience. Granted its no Angry Birds

venfayth3545d ago

Torchlight was fantastic, great game. I'll have to check the other ones out :)