Mass Effect 3 To Get 'Killer New Feature'

Will it be multiplayer?

BioWare is set to announce a new feature of Mass Effect 3 next month.

According to Xbox World magazine (via CVG), BioWare will be revealing a "killer new feature" in an upcoming issue.

The tease has immediately led to speculation about a multiplayer mode, which a job listing hinted at last year. This isn't the first cryptic announcement for Mass Effect 3, which has already seen its share of secret projects in the past.

1st video from IGN source
2nd video from CVG source

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Nate-Dog4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Hmm, it seems like this announcement is inevitable.

Megaton4138d ago

With EA, a "killer surprise" is always a cause for concern. If they mess up the singleplayer of this game in anyway, heads are gonna roll.

denero14138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

i hope it is multiplayer

vickers5004138d ago

Co-op to be more specific.

Prophet-Gamer4138d ago

I'd rather have MP, as much as I love Co-Op, ME is an SP experience imo.

vickers5004138d ago

So if Mass Effect is a SP experience, then why would you rather have mp?

I'm just saying, if Mass Effect has to have some form of multiplayer, the best choice would be co-op, because something like team deathmatch would fail horribly.

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