DICE: Squads are only accessible on Battlelog, no squad management in game.

According to the Battlefield 3 community manager, zh1nt0, the squads can only be managed on Battlelog and not in the actual game.

This means you can no longer create squads/make private squads while in game. You can only join or leave squads.

Hundreds of Battlefield fans are dissapointed and many are cancelling their PC pre-orders right now. Nothing is yet confirmed on how consoles will work.

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lugia 40002578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This is an outrage for the PC version. DICE is ruining their game, and I will cancel my pre-order. All Battlefield series had this system.

You can check people's feedback here http://forums.electronicart...

I remind you that on the Beta you can only join/leave squads also on consoles.

LukaX232578d ago

They made it this far… and a lot of people were probably convinced that this was going to put Call of Duty in its place - but they just HAD to fuck it up didn't they? lmao

Still getting it though, I enjoy the beta and it does what I still find very fun in the series, provide awesome gameplay.

Winter47th2578d ago

Battlelog is the most needless feature in recent multiplayer history. Why the shit do I have to quit the game to change stuff?

evrfighter2578d ago

wait what?

I played pretty much all day after work with my brother and we were only in the same squad once...

what's he talkin bout managing through battlelog? cuz the the party system sure as heck isn't it =\

BattleAxe2578d ago

Welp, looks like I might pass this game up even if it does come to Steam somehow.

zeeshan2577d ago

It is the same on consoles in the beta. This is BS!!

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omi25p2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Wont this mean more people will have to visit which means the website/EA will make more money?

Kamikaze1352578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Wtf. It's like

EA said "all right, guys, since console games look and run at an inferior framerate, we have to dumb down the PC version as well. We have to make the cons even across ALL platforms. Not supporting the largest PC gaming company was the first Step with Origins. We're taking this game places!"

What kind of backward logic goes on during their meetings?

kennyboy2578d ago

since console multiplats


RememberThe3572577d ago

What do consoles have to do with this? It's more like Some idiot at EA is trying to push Battlelog on people. EA is already pushing Origin on people now they're trying to do it with Battlelog.

chak_2578d ago

this is SO FUCKED UP, I'm going rampage.

Megaton2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

DICE am DERP. I don't like the browser being required in the first place. It's like I'm running some 2-bit F2P MMO beta.

Edit - lucifon below makes a good point about this. How are we supposed to play campaign offline if Battlelog is required to do everything in this game? Origin doesn't run the game and land in a normal main menu. It boots up your web browser and forces you to navigate Battlelog if you wanna do anything, including campaign. Sounds like it's just some seriously restrictive DRM in new wrapping. That would be worse than any of my critiques of the beta. Way worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.