Hackers targeting Microsoft as huge disruption hits Xbox Live?

AATG writes: "Microsoft's award-winning Xbox Live service has been consistently reliable since its launch way back in 2002. But unusually, today it seems to be suffering from a huge disruption in service as gamers the world over are reporting issues playing multiplayer games of Call of Duty, the Battlefield 3 Beta, Gears of War 3, FIFA 12 and many more.

Joypad lock ups, system crashes, greyed out menu options and a complete inability to play anything online are all symptoms I've personally experienced across a wide range of games since earlier today.

To confuse matters further, however, Xbox Live Parties seem to work OK and communications are in full working order.

With no official statement from Microsoft explaining this outage, we can't help but wonder whether something untoward is going on, particularly after the recent PSN outages."

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Misterhbk3284d ago

Interesting, I don't have live so idk what to say about this. Is anyone here having issues?

Hopefully it's nothing big because I'm really getting sick of all the hacker crap.

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limewax3284d ago

I'm on live, struggling like mad to get a game right now on gears, I thought it was my internet but PS3 and PC BF3 betas are working. Then I just figured the gears servers were having issues, Guess I was wrong.

Hope this is sorted soon

caperjim3284d ago

Ive always had trouble finding matches with Gears online. It takes too long to find a match and there is no join in progress to even out the teams when people quit. Thats one of the reasons i passed on gears 3.

limewax3284d ago

Well you can now actually join in progress, But the reason for the slow speeds in general is they actually don't have enough servers and you often end up in a P2P game anyway

candystop3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

"Thats one of the reasons i passed on gears 3."

He passed on Gears 3 so in other words he has never played it online and was referring to part 2. His opinion is obviously not educated.

OT: This guy is trying to hard for hits or something. I've been on live all morning without a hiccup. Even if others are having problems it's not official whats happening yet. Party chat ftw

Edit: I Love how people on this site disagree (20 wow)with those who see through the BS!

"I just got offline saw this headline, and thought wtf?"

I feel you jokesonyou and have been saying the same thing all day!

gamingdroid3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

When I play Gears 3 it is the fastest matchmaking I have ever experienced.

Maybe it is your region or your internet connection.


When I was in MI for a while, I found my internet would start to act up, like loose a few packets every now and then. With normal use or even video streaming, you wouldn't notice it at all. On Xbox Live it manifested itself as disconnects. Turns out it was my router!

I discovered it by repeatedly pinging google. I thought it was comcast....

vickers5003284d ago

"When I play Gears 3 it is the fastest matchmaking I have ever experienced."

Same for me as well. Sometimes I accidentally hit A on a mode I didn't intend to join, and within like 15-20 seconds I'm already in the match.

Legion3284d ago

@caperjim "I dont play on console anymore. I have a beast PC and love playing 1st person shooters online." - Quote caperjim

Looking at your past comments here in other posts it seems like you don't even play on console anymore anyways. Just keep moving... and stop trolling.

Lazy_Sunday3284d ago

It's UK server issues, nothing more.

AngryTypingGuy3283d ago

If the status of this story is still "hard to tell" and based on speculation, then maybe, just maybe the title of this story should be changed because this is how rumors start.

limewax3283d ago

Thanks lazy sunday, I think you may be right, I am UK.

Also for anyone still interested, I found the gears matchmaking was much faster for versus. Horde and co-op are the ones running a little slow for me

caperjim3281d ago

Just because i dont game on console as much anymore dont mean i wouldnt pick up a few decent exclusives.

Im not sure which is more having time to look through my past comments or you actually wanting to.

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Paradicia3284d ago

No, I've yet to experience any issues. The article is scaremongering and desperately looking for hits.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3284d ago

Exactly. How does this even get passed as news? This dude has no links to any information.. Just his own personal experience from his crappy ass internet connection.

thereapersson3284d ago

"How does this even get passed as news? "

The same thing can be said about 90 percent of the articles that get posted on this website. It's all about flaming and hits; there is no real "journalism" about them.

PR0X13283d ago

But I have DSL 386kbps and I get lag all the time!!!1122!!

Better blame it on Microsoft and xbox live.

If you just got fiber internet like me than you would not experience any of that.

aviator1893284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I played Gears earlier in the morning and I'm playing Reach right now without any issues. Live is running as usual for me.

Mutant-Spud3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I'm in Australia so at about 11PM saturday night I started having problems, I was Playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the races weren't loading.
I got sick of waiting and re booting, assumed it was an issue on their side and decided to play Gears 3 for a while. Same deal, it stalled at the front screen with the prompt for friends party formation rolling.
I went and had shower then decided to have one more go at Gears 3 before bed and after a pretty long search and load time I got into a KOTH match with all bots.
I played two full matches like that until some other players joined, so by 12:30 AM it was back to normal.

Why o why3284d ago

ef hackers....time to unite dudes....ef hackers

Gray-Fox-Type03284d ago

xbox live working fine what is this article?

GearsOfWar3284d ago

I'm not sure what the problem is, as I'm being played by a lot of people with no problems as we speak.

DarkBlood3284d ago

stop letting girls play you for a fool man :P lol

ArabianKnight013284d ago

How does bs like this get approve!? Are we fact checking b4 approving N4G?

JokesOnYou3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

After watching football this morning I've been playing Gears3 all day, other than about1hr checking out the BF3 *beta, which btw is really boring, bad jaggies, weapons lack feel of impact and its a glitchfest, wow and hardcore BF3 fans had the nerve to hate on COD. Well anyway on topic I think this guy must have some issues with his service provider considering I havent seen any complaints in xbox forums.

TasteyZombieFood3284d ago

"its a glitchfest,"
It's a beta is what I think you meant to say. :)

JokesOnYou3284d ago

nah, I meant exactly what I said its definitely a glitchfest, don't quit your dead job 'cause you're a terrible mind reader. Fact is the game is due out in 3weeks, if Dice were serious about doing a proper *beta test, we would of seen this *beta 2 or 3 months doubt we'll see more damage control tweets.

DarthJay3283d ago

DICE had to get the build approved weeks before they put XBox/Playstation put up the beta. It is called a beta and not a demo. You go in knowing, 100% that it is not the finished product and there are absolutely going to be issues. If you went in thinking anything else, that's your fault. If anyone is to blame here, it is the approval process from XBLA and PSN. If they were able to show up last Monday with where they were at and able to say "hey, let's put this up," it would have been a lot different. They couldn't, and the process started weeks ago, if not months.

You should actually know what you are talking about before you try to insult people. Your SN is very apropos.

Legion3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I haven't had any issues. Anyone actually having any? Let me rephrase that... anyone that uses Xbox Live and isn't just bullcrap trollers.

By the way what is he meaning when he says "Joypad lock ups", what exactly is a joypad? Really? Does he mean controller? Is that a UK thing? And tell me why any issue with Live would lock your joyfull pad up? And he mentioned the world over is reporting the issue. So have we gotten the skinny from all the other web sites yet on this? And his first thoughts is that it has to be hackers? Who is this guy? Seems like in his last ten threads he started this was on there... "Anyone available in London tomorrow to go play some Nintendo games?" guess that says a lot. ha

SkylineR3284d ago

What issues? I just played Gears 3 for about 3 hours....

gogospeedracer3284d ago

When did Live go down? No problems on the East Coast.

Virus2013284d ago

There is nothing wrong with Xbox live. I was playing Gears 3 then downloaded NBA 2k12 and there wasn't a single problem.

geddesmond3284d ago

But but live is so secure and it was all Sonys fault for hackers taking down their PSN. We pay for Xbox live so that stuff doesn't happen to us Lol.

Come on what do yous expect? After all the heat Sony got from Xbots over the PSN outage its only natural for PS3 guys to bite back. Infact even today you have Pro Xbox guys with Annoymous masks as avatars on forums and crap.

Can't we all agree that nothing is safe and hackers are pieces of Dog S**t.

DarthJay3283d ago

Why? Because someone made up a BS article that wasn't true? Grow up. There was never a problem with Live yesterday. At all.

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Ddouble3284d ago

Sounds more like internal issues rather than hackers.

tiffac0083284d ago

lol! at the article it was posted twice. XD

tiffac0083284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

lol! I'm getting disagrees because people didn't saw that the article was originally posted twice. Why don't you guys click the "Read Full Story" and check the first comment of the article.

Aww you know what nvm... some of you guys are taking this rumor (aka no hard evidence, aka no proper investigation before speculation) too seriously. I swear its much easier to laugh at this kind of articles, at least you'll walk away with a smile.

DarkBlood3284d ago

your doing what they want which is "complaining about it"

tarbis3282d ago

you're doing what they call "not reading at all"

GamersRulz3284d ago

I hope it's not true, I don't have xbox but I don't want N4G to be filled with outage and doom news

Lirky3284d ago

I agree with you i dont own a xbox360 either but dislike when a gaming site gets flooded with the same reports of outtage of a systems internal problems.

radphil3284d ago

It's a little late for that. :c

krazykombatant3284d ago

Like when n4g was flooded with psn problems for like 2 months... yeah i totally get you.

cstyle3284d ago

Xbox live is still reliable. This is just some site trying to get hits.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3284d ago

Looking for hits? It's trying to report a gaming related problem that could affect millions of people. Some have already had issues today, so no, this article is not looking for hits, this is the site doing what its job

kaveti66163284d ago

Every single day, some gamers are going to have issues with connecting to XBL.

That doesn't mean a damn thing.

humbleopinion3284d ago

Let's assume there was a gaming related problem. This brings up two questions:
1) How did the article writer conclude that it was a wide problem with the Xbox service and not with his connection/provider etc? No information was given on that
2) How the hell did he conclude that this issue happened because hackers are targeting MS and not because of some infastructure issue or some service upgrade or whatever? Again no answer.

Legion3284d ago

It's not even an article. It is a site that allows anyone to post an article blog style. This guy isn't even a journalist. Just a guy that had some issues and chose to post some rant about hackers and/or alien invasions. He creates his own news and then posts it on N4G as gaming news. Someone should shut him down and those that keep approving this crap.