IGN: Child of Eden PS3 review

In the future, the first human being born in outer space is a girl named Lumi, and her only knowledge of Earth comes from the sight of its distant greens and blues from her home among the stars

refocusedman4680d ago

Wow, If you get the chance compare the 360 review to the ps3 review. The kinect review recieved 8.5, which if its a good game it deserves but, I dont understand how the ps3 version is rated 2 points lower. Some people may say the gameplay is better ( if thats true then so be it), others may say the graphics are better ( also possible but its not like its a graphic intensive game). The two scores things that baffle me is the fact that 360 version received 1 point higher for sound?????? and 2 points higher for lasting appeal ( has the game gotten shorter since it was released). Ive always liked IGN as a site but this is pretty bad when so many people may or may not base their purchase on their opinions.

NukaCola4680d ago

Same game, different reviewer...hence piss poor score justifies I guess. Figured this wasn't IGN's style to pull a NowGamer but who am I? I won't call them ignorant, god forbid Logic needs to make a comment about it. And for a game being only $20 as opposed to $60 like it was on 360, giving such a piss poor replay score is both harsh and lame. This version runs exactly the same but in 3D as well. Also I find that the reviewer not liking that Motion and controller movement feeling different is disturbing. Obviously waving a hand or Move will feel different than using thumbsticks. I don't see how they would justify a really low score for the same game but with other features at a steal of a price. Seems a bit bollocks if you ask me.

Bigpappy4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

Well you started off with me agreeing "same game different reviewer". Then you started not telling the truth: COE was never more that $50us on the 360. The Move and Kinect versions of motion control do not play "exactly the same". The triger on the Move is used, and you do have to hold the move in your hand and point at the screen. Most people play the Kinect version with open palms.

This is not justifying or condemning the score. It is just providing the facts.

Notice the reviewer never knocked the Move or the PS3. He just did not like COE and he does not mention whether or not he played the Kinect/360 version.

rdgneoz34680d ago

Amazon shows both the PS3 and 360 versions as being $40, so the comment about replay score isn't that harsh if its true.

Tired4679d ago

He seemed unable to grasp the Move controls. It's not a pointing and shooting game...you don't use the move as if it were a gun and aim. The move shouldn't be pointed, the reticule follows the movement of the controller as the controller moves inside a set 'box' which you determine the size of during calibration.

It took me a couple of goes to stop trying to aim and just move.

Which suggests that the reviewer is just retarded and cant figure out basic game controls....

BTW the 3D is awesome!

Wh15ky4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

"Same game, different reviewer"

This is IGNs review and that is what people see when they look at the scores. Alot of people hold IGN in high regards (why? I don't know) and when they see that the PS3 version is a 6.5 compared to 360s 8.5 they will automatically assume the PS3 version is inferior because IGN said so.

This review is a perfect example as to why IGN should not be regarded as such an influential gaming site. Why on earth would they have a different reviewer (with, obviously, such different opinions) review each version? Very unprofessional.

"Amazon shows both the PS3 and 360 versions as being $40, so the comment about replay score isn't that harsh if its true."

It doesn't matter that both versions are NOW available for $40 on Amazon. The 360 version was more expensive at time of release and that is when it was reviewed. I seem to remember it being £29.99 on Amazon in the UK when it released on 360 compared to £14.99 on PS3, that is a huge difference when referring to lack of replay value.

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disturbing_flame4680d ago


2 different test for the same game, on the same site.

I don't think we can take those reviews seriously, i mean if all is just meant to be a point of view or an opinion, we can go on forums to have one. A respectable zine must have the honesty to make reviews with objectivity.

Here there is a contradiction from the same site on the same game, each review biasing the other. It drops confusion in the mind of the readers.

It's clearly not professional.

despair4680d ago

I like how you left out that its 2 different reviewers as well. Different opinions, just read both and take what you will from it. Personally I think Child of Eden is wayy overrated no matter what platform you play it on.

disturbing_flame4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

When i say it's two different test, it mean the two testers are not the same. So no i left out nothing.

What i'm waiting from a webzine is not different opinions from several testers for one game with one test each time.

I prefer all redactors/testers giving their opinion to make an average score if they want to.
But not two tests with different opinions especially when the test is not based on the same machine and when the game released on the machine that have the lowest score is doing pretty well, even better.

It's not professional, and way too confusing.

Chaostar4680d ago

Just goes to show how a different reviewer can hate a game that another loved. Kind of unjust how they don't mention exactly why this version is less of a game than the Kinect endeavor? Well £15 and a free t-shirt, it's still worth a look :)

Megaton4680d ago

Clearly everyone was playing Rez wrong because we weren't using Kinects. Go back and make sure you drop the score lower.

Sarcasmology4680d ago

Who the hell takes any of Rupert Murdoch's properties seriously?

CloseSecond4680d ago

Biggest joke is that on (NZ) PSN the game is going for $60. I can import it new on physical disc from halfway round the world for $30. DD pricing is simply pathetic.

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RyanDJ2425d ago

I purchased BTTF on PS3 at the tail end of the system's life. I enjoyed Episode 1 but life went on and I never finished. I'm actually pretty psyched about getting that one.

Prince_TFK2425d ago

You should definitely play Back to The Future. No matter what reviewers say, I really enjoyed this game. The story is awesome and the twist is just heartbreaking.

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TheColbertinator2425d ago

Fantastic games. Thank you Microsoft!

Concertoine2425d ago

Child of eden + weed is a good time, trust me

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