Is the graphics war between PC and consoles really justified?

PC gamers like to talk about their systems graphics/power... It's really the biggest thing they have going for them. However is the difference in graphics really as big as we make it out to be?

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gravemaker4271d ago

inferior consoles slowing down graphical progress

WANNAGETHIGH4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Majority of PC gamers are geeks who are virgins. Console is more social. Its easier to get ur girl playing little big planet with u than playing World of war craft. Go to a house party and chances are people r playing consoles even girls. And as for the comparing consoles nd PC graphics that's just dumb. PC can be upgraded with latest hardware/software while consoles can't. May b next Gen if Sony/MS makes a console that can be upgraded then u can compare.

dark-hollow4270d ago

"Majority of PC gamers are geeks who are virgins"

and you got agrees for that? i cant believe the console owners are that butthurt!!!!!

all you fanboys raved about graphics for FIVE YEARS on this site!

killzone this! alan wake that!
90% of the hottest topics here are about graphics graphics graphics!!!

so when the consoles tech get old and basically every average pc can outperform it you all get butthurt and angry!!!

so its ok to say the 360 is slowing down graphical progress for the ps3 but we CANT say the consoles are holding the PC back????

PixL4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Consoles are not slowing down PCs. If PC gamers bought 50 million copies of a given game, compared to 2-5 million of console copies, nobody would even think about porting to consoles. It's the money you don't spend that slows down your platform. Ask yourself how many times you do day 1 purchases and how many times you wait for Steam sales. Console gamers buy their games so they get next games. It's as simple as that.

Besides, DX10's been in the market for quite a while. Why so few games take advantage of DX10 and 11? Simple answer - because there aren't many people willing to spend money on upgrades or they have laptops and can't do it.

Vega754270d ago

have a bubble man. everything you said is true. for 5 years straight the arguemnet has been on graphic and how 360 is holding back the ps3. yet no one want to accept that both consoles are holding back PC gaming cause DEV's are catering to consoles owners and abandoning the pc gamers

dangert124270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Depends who your talking to.
I personally think Its a tad silly
like comparing the ps2 to the ps3 in my eyes
we all no the Ps3 is capable of alot more technically then the ps2 and the fact It will never upgrade while the other does Is why the are Incomparable IMO
Unless your comparining an untouched PC that was released around that time

stu8884270d ago

I think its fair to say that's the job of PC. Like all cutting edge tech its damn expensive. If you want to run BF3 max settings, expect to pay a lot more than you would for a console. Consoles push forward games just as much as PCs if not more.

Outside_ofthe_Box4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Would it make sense to compare the PS3 to n64?
No it wouldn't. We know that the PS3 has better graphics than the n64 so there is no point. The same goes with PC. We all know that the PC has better graphics than consoles so what's the point?

And then we have PC elists complain about how people are always fussing about PS3 graphics vs 360 graphics. BUT notice how the Wii isn't in there... that's because we all know that the PS3 and 360 have better graphics than the wii. And believe it or not there are a good number of people that think that the 360 has better graphics than the PS3 so the PS3 - 360 comparison will always be there.

This PC vs console thing is stupid because it's not like there will ever be a time when either the PS3 or 360 has better graphics than a PC game and if it were to happen it's not like you PC elists would admit something ridiculous like "wow consoles are superior" instead you'd say something like "lazy developers."

So yeah it's not justified.

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beast242tru4270d ago

let the pc be the pc and let the consoles be the consoles. i have a ps3 and a xbox 360 i play games on them my pc i use for web browsing, email, and messaging those who use pc for gameing way to go for you but to each thier own so stfu about all this pc vs console b.s

BrutallyBlunt4270d ago

You seem angered people have the luxury to play superior versions. Some would argue they use the Playstation 3 for web browsing too.

Funny how forums are filled with bickering console gamers who often argue about graphics yet when the PC is mentioned all of the sudden that platform is irrelevant. The Wii was often criticized for not keeping up with the Playstation 3 and the XBOX360 so why can't those two systems also be criticized? The truth is they can because just like those consoles the PC also plays games.

MrBeatdown4270d ago

PC is irrelevant to a console discussion because back in 2007 when I bought my PS3 and 360, I couldn't get a PC that could run Battlefield 3 any better, or even as good as a console, today, for $400-$600.

It's like two guys arguing about whether a $30,000 Mustang or a Charger is the better car, then some guy stepping in to remind everyone his $100,000 Ferrari is superior.

That's the thing. Nobody denies the PC CAN be better. But PC fanboys love to keep reminding everyone of that fact, while pretending that graphics are the only difference that is relevant.

At least console gamers realized the Wii was cheaper for a reason and have left it alone for the past four or five years. They don't need to beat a dead horse to feel special. You can't say the same for some PC gamers.

Voxelman4270d ago

Graphics isn't the biggest thing, not for most of us anyway that's just a nice bonus. Customisability, flexibly and innovation are the biggest things.

But as for the comparison in graphics you will never know the difference by looking at youtube videos or even screenshots. You need to see PC games running in person on a full HD TV or high resolution monitors.

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