Looking Ahead: The Future Of The Burnout Franchise

Ian Fisher writes: Criterion always managed to jam some character and fun in the games they create but Burnout Crash is probably the lowest point the Burnout franchise has ever sunk to, far surpassing the somewhat meddling PSP installment the franchise received several years ago. So where does Criterion take the Burnout franchise from here? Is Burnout Crash an indication of what we can expect from the series while Criterion focuses on bigger projects for the EA mothership or will we see a return to form? More importantly, what the hell do gamers want to see out of a new Burnout game after three long years?

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GamingManiac2668d ago

I sure as hell would love a new real burnout game, Crash isn't even worth buying...

Quagmire2668d ago

I for one dont mind the linear tracks, its a helluva lot easier to revise the track over and over again if you keep failing, so that you can experiement with different techniques, as opposed to doing everything differently each time in open world, but I like the idea of having both options, keep the linear sandbox, but have a seperate game mode where its simply linear racing and crashing.