Dated: Lost Planet on PS3

Gameplayer received a release schedule from Capcom this morning which included a date for the PS3 version of Lost Planet.

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ReBurn4013d ago

Isn't this news kind of old? I mean, screenshots for Lost Planet on PS3 have been circulating for a month or so.

Jdash244013d ago

screenshots and a release date are two different things

xplosneer4013d ago

Before it was only "early 08" but now it's February 08.

ReBurn4013d ago

Yeah, Q1 2008 is what has been said all along. I guess February 2008 is a bit more specific.

jiggyjay4013d ago

Sure is a lot of shooters coming out on this cosole!

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heretic924013d ago

meh i didnt really think it was that good a game on the 360 anyway...ill get turok on the ps3 in feb 08 instead

C_SoL4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

FOR ME!!!!!! as you can see ^_^

thats what i'm afraid of man....oh well, 2008 will be fu<kin awesome either way....hopefully the time they take up, will really pay off in the end

Doppy4013d ago

I pray Killzone 2 does come out in Febreary, but I have a feeling that it'll be pushed back like MGS4 to kick off Sony's 2008 finical period (Which starts after March 2008). I think Sony's just going to rely on 3rd party developers to get them through Jan. and Feb.

March Infamous/Home
April Killzone 2/Little Big Planet
May MGS4/GTA4***
June GTA4


the worst4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

i dont care i like the online play
i like 2 collect games
i got almost every game that came out

Danja4013d ago

You seriously don't need to add this game to ur collection..not when we have a console exclusive and COD4 is better than this game online...

akaFullMetal4013d ago

eh, never really interested me, played the demo on my pc, just never really liked how i had to always be worrying about my heat levels, and collecting them is a pain in the ass sometimes as well, looks pretty though, some people will enjoy the game, just not for me though

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