Capcom Platinum Hits Triple Pack (Dead Rising / Lost Planet: Extreme Condition / Devil May Cry 4)

3 top Xbox 360 games, 'Dead Rising,' 'Lost Planet: Extreme Condition' Colonies Edition and 'Devil May Cry 4,' all for one affordable price.
All three games feature some combination of Xbox LIVE "awareness" features support and/or Xbox LIVE online multiplayer support.

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dark-hollow3580d ago

Every time I see the crack addict Dante, a part inside of me dies......

J86blum3580d ago

Remindes me of Bob Sagat "sucking D**k for coke." Thats all this character looks like, a british coke head with mommy daddy issues.

btw..Capcom and Ninja Theory decided to throw a british flag on Dante's coat as if to hint he is what british or some PunkRocker b.s.

then again we all have lists we could run down of why we hate this character.

user8586213580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I wonder which one will suck more, dmc4 or DmC....... my guess dmc4

Sevir043580d ago

I liked DMC4 it just fell a bit short. It wasn't 3 but it was good. As for DmC, i'm only gonna rent that one. Ninja Theory has been screwing with my emotions and they totally made him look like a total meth heads.