CoD4 Topples Gears of War

That sure didn't take very long. Call of Duty 4 has passed over Gears of War as the second most played game on Xbox Live according to Major Nelson's latest top 10 list. Assassin's Creed debuted at #9

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felman874011d ago

Not surprising, the game is really good.

mesh14011d ago

gears of wars multiplayer is joke if u call that a online multiplayer lol the only good thing about gears of war is that to date no game atm in 3rd person looks better than gears of war P.S im not a 3rd person shooter fan especially when they try and make it online multiplayer

HarryEtTubMan4011d ago

COD 4 is the best multiplayer experience available at the moment

Close_Second4011d ago

...Gears of War, Like Halo 3, did not sit well with me in terms of on-line play. GOW was laggy as hell if you didn't have a top notch connection. I hate the physics with Halo 3 - all that jumping and jumping....and jumping.

COD4 is in one word...brilliant. It will be in the top 5 on-line games for the 360 for a long time yet.

Fanboy Slaughter4011d ago

I agree, it's good to see taste and gameplay prevail for once.

It hasn't ousted Halo, probably never will, but nonetheless, good to see it jump in the face of overzealous hype.

Hype=Fuel for Halo 3

Double-Edged4011d ago

the word hype shouldnt be used if numbers back the game up.
#1 most played online game.

It's number one because it's not hype, It's actually fun. So i dont know where you get hype from. The only thing that was hyped was the launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.