Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Trailer

Short trailer of Splinter Cell Trilogy HD footage

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Bathyj4145d ago

Saw this in the shop the other day. Its finally on disc.

Its killing me, but I'm still not buying it til the Y axis patch is out.

BiggCMan4145d ago

What do you mean exactly? I haven't heard about this before could you explain?

Anyways, this is looking really good, will pick this up some time in the near future after all the big games have finally been released. The tag though has Xbox 360 in it though, it's only coming to PS3, should be removed.

Bathyj4145d ago

There is no option to invert the y Axis in game.

For me, thats like driving a car with my feet. In fact, the feet thing might even be easier.

BiggCMan4145d ago

Oh I see what your saying. So the option for up on the stick equals down in the game is not available? Hmm, while that won't affect a vast majority of people, I can see why it would be a major turn off for people that are used to playing that way. I personally consider that a skill really, I could never play inverted as it confuses the hell out of me. I think it's cool that you can.

fireplace4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

@BiggCMan, not that cool if you can't play with a normal setting too.
It's really only how you learned to play 3D games years ago. And you can switch the preference if you train long enough.

I think that, because when there was this Medal of Honor on PSP I learned to control the camera with analog nub on the left, and move around using face buttons.(swapped sides) I took few hours to get it right, but later I even had no problems switching between a console and this game.

Persistantthug4145d ago

They couldn't even program the game correctly and it has a 5GB install. Sloppy and lazy programing.

This game is a total pass for me.

Quagmire4145d ago

I have the exact same problem as you. I wish to pick this game up asap, but the lack of Y-axis inversion is stopping me. I had to play with normal axis on the second sly game due to there being no option also, and whilst I managed to finish the game, it was VERY frustrating. It also doesnt help that I bought Beyond Good and Evil HD before knowing it doesnt have the option to invert (or I think when you invert Y, X gets inverted also, cant be seperated, WTF!).

Ubisoft really need to fucking get their act together and do something so damn simple it boggles the mind why NO one thought about it.

morganfell4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )


Same here. But I do not think a patch is coming. It has been out in the EU since last month. There is a guy at the Official PS Blog that tracked the entire affair. Apparently Sony and Ubisoft were made aware of the issue last month. How it was able to pass Ubi's and Sony's QA is a mystery. It's likely Ubi did realize it and decided to cash out.

As I read at the Official Blog, Inverted Y isn't a choice. You don't choose to be right or left handed.

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mandf4145d ago

Why is this in the 360 location when it is not receiving a version?

NoobJobz4145d ago

That's what I want to know. I got a little excited there for a moment.
Probably just a mistake though.

RAmar1014145d ago

Got this £21 new yesterday, I'm loving it, feels so good sneaking through tbliski again on SC1

Visuals are much better than originals with quick save anywhere feature is a welcome.

The Y axis isn't an issue for me as I'd prefer thumb stick up = camera up

And you have to see chaos has amazing visuals better than double agent, and more smooth than conviction

Overall an 8/10 from me