30 Second Uncharted TV Spot

Here is the 30 second Uncharted: Drakes Fortune TV Spot - HD version.

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LSDARBY3988d ago

Guy talks too fast at the end, good ad anyway, i like how he says "i think its for you".

So cant wait for this game :D

lawman11083988d ago

I mean it, 2 seconds at the end.

lawman11083987d ago

I will pick it up when it hit a sale @ Circuit city or something but $60 bucks for how many hours? 10 and no online right? I just want an HONEST opinion NO FANBOY crap I started the demo but at the waterfall I lost interest I dont like tomb raider games so maybe that has something to do with it

Wolfgang1873987d ago

Lawnman: This game is easily worth $60. Sure there's no online play, but everything that makes a rememberable single player experience just comes together in this game. The visuals might kill you (if you stop and stare too long). The story is fun and draws you in. And the animations and acting make the on sceen characters look erriely real. To me it plays like gears of war meets indiana jones. You're not gonna go wrong with a game like this.

BrianC62343987d ago

Yes, Uncharted is worth $60. It's worth it more than crap like Assassin's Creed. A majority of the games coming out right now aren't worth the money. Uncharted is though.

tomfoolery3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I played this game at a friends house today and I'll tell you what,
either you die hards in here posting work for Sony, and you're trying
to hype this game to move consoles!
Or you're all hardcore fanboys just trying to convince yourselves
that you invested wisely in a PS3,while trying to convince others
this game makes the ps3 worth it.
THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD.............but that's it.
not a frickin chance.
There's a ton of tearing going on,and God forbid,
pop up.
And replay value.......hardly any..... IMO.
But on the bright side,if you own a Ps3,go get it now.
But if you don't,please try reading between the Sonyfanboy lines.
Game on,

fusionboxer3987d ago


Oh comon brotha. You expect people to take your "review" of Uncharted as Valid when you simply "went to a friends house" and played it? Sorry that's not how it goes. What if gamespot, egm, or god forbid Ign only "went to their friends house" played for a couple of hours then went home and reviewed the game for all to see. Would those sites gain credibility that way? No way! Here is my review.

I usually like to hold back on a review type of thing until i've COMPLETELY, completed a game (in this case beat it on all difficulties and unlock all secrets), but so far I can say it's supplied me with the most gorgeous visuals i've yet to see on any console game period and a sense of adventure I've yet to really feel during this new generation of gaming.

Now that's not to say the graphics are realistic, but rather so polished that it seems as if the level designers, tech team and those responsible for the art direction were in complete and utter synch to deliver what looks to be an unreal realization of what it truly looks like when concept art and actual in game graphics become one in the same. It's often i'll slowly walk by slightly holding down the analog stick in the direction i want to go so I can take in the scenery and absorb everything around me. The character animations and AI provoked me to play in a way where I wanted things to look as "realistic" as possible. Replaying certain sections and mapping out my strategy so I could recreate action sequences I have stored up in my head. In certain sections of the game Nate will even put his hands on objects just to gain balance or leverage. He'll stumble when you walk over something strange, and even put his foot on top of a fallen enemy if you position him right. This is the first in game character that i've seen react so well to the environment and it's a sight to behold.

On top of the visuals is the solid pacing that does a great job of keeping the player interested with not only variety in gameplay, but variety in environments. As soon as you begin to get tired of shoot outs your treated with a playground of ledges, cliffs, or ruins, and when your tired of that your given environmental based puzzles that show you your goal right from the onset. Which in turn gives you motivation to move on. From a sinking boat, to a lush green jungle, inside an abandoned war boat, and into flooded ruins, there's no longer a need to worry about varied looking environments because Uncharted delivers. And what does that lead me to? Level design.

Like i said above the puzzles supply you with motivation because you know what you need to get to, but learning and doing what you need to do is not only fun, but gratifying. Even more these levels are designed in such a way that even though it's linear, it seems open ended. Every area where a battle takes place turns out to be riddled with various objects for cover, and layed out in a way that each player can play the same area in the way they may personally desire. In some games you have extremely similar areas with different textures plopped down over them. With Uncharted you have completely different lay outs for each and every zone. Not only does this keep things fresh, but it really invokes the feeling that you really are a treasure hunter.

As a whole the game is an amazing experience that not only ps3 owners, but gamers as a whole should experience. It's blend of polished gameplay, stunning visuals, amazingly fun level design, and beautiful pacing not only improve on the 3rd person action adventure genre from days long past, but set a brand new bar that I can't see being passed any time soon.

PS. Without spoiling anything, the game gets surprisingly creepy/scary. So watch out!

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xplosneer3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Too fast to see IMO.
Too bad it does nothing for me because I already picked it up :)

Oh BTW It was GameCrazy(subsidiary of BlockBuster) that gave it to me early.

Wolfgang1873988d ago

same here, it woulda been nice for them to air it before gamestop got it early. Oh well, you gotta figure most people will be getting it on tuesday anyway.

gamesblow3988d ago

This was the most amazing next gen game I'ever ever played. A pefect 10 in my book and I'm one hard, hard reviewer on my blogsite. Look at my motorstorm, heavenly sword and Halo 3 reviews. Uncharted wasn't a game... it was an experience.

SeanScythe3988d ago

Did you do the same as me and stare at the ocean and across the island just watching the view? I must have spent 5 minutes at times in the game just looking at the views, i'm only 66% done with is and I have never played a game that made me just stop to look at the view and be amazed.

Shankle3988d ago

Stop it! Stop it!! I don't get it for another 12 days!! Aaaargh I can't wait for it!

SeanScythe3988d ago

Dude you have no idea I just hope you have a good HD tv or you will be missing out on so much beauty. My girlfriend who doesn't like video games couldn't believe I was playing a game. I showed her a part of the game where you look over the massive gap between one side of the island to the mansion and her jaw dropped. It's that breath taking to think someone created this kind of view on a video game.

gamesblow3988d ago

Guys, if you own a 1080P tv, disable your 720 and 1080I settings. That is what gaming is all about. Uncharted in this setting is like nothing you've ever seen before. It's amazing.

My only real complain with it was... Well, 1 - it ended.. and 2. I think chapters 8, 9 and 10 just went by too fast. Chapter 12 is where the game just become something else. And I don't wanna spoil it for anyonewho hasn't played it. But the game takes on a dual role and it really does become even more of an epic. This is the must have game. You ahve to have this game, people. If you're not happy with it I'd personally send you 64 dollars "ha"

TheExecutive3988d ago

lol I mentioned that exact thing in my review in my blog, check it out (its on this website).

mesh13988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

dont buy this game what ever u do HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I only joking although i still think its average.

xplosneer3988d ago

*Removes from ignore list for now*

I totally agree. Especially Chapter 19+, that's just insane.(Trying not to spoil anything, but it's what you expect and don't expect at the same dang time)

Jandre023988d ago

When Drake jumps in the water while inside the temple Zoom in. The lighting on the walls has a blue tint due to the light reflecting off the water.. Its just beautifully done. The in game visuals remind me of FFX (when Tidus and Yuna are in the water.)

You really cant say enough about this game. It is obvious that this game deserved a 10/10. Kinda sucks for fanboys of this era. Not being able to play this game is really missing out on the first game I would really call next-gen. This game, Call of Duty 4, and Mass Effect.

BrianC62343987d ago

You think Uncharted is average? Do you even own a PS3? Are you a Halo freak or something? I don't see how anyone who has played Uncharted can say it's average. Just playing the demo tells you it's way past that.

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Meus Renaissance3988d ago

It would be a travesty if this game doesn't get the recognition from gamers and accolades that it deserves. Uncharted is without doubt a serious contender for GOTY.

SeanScythe3988d ago

I agree 100% bubble 4 u, but you know what's sad is that spike's show list this game as only best PS3 game. The GOTY is all 360 games, or multi console games.

EZCheez3988d ago

F**k SpikeTV. No one will actually watch that crap anyway. Anyone who doesn't recognize the greatness of this game is in my opinion a moron.

I LOVE this game. Everything about it is awesome, and the only repetitive negative listed in the reviews, length, is mooted in my book because i'm already looking forward to playing through it again. There are so many unlockables and none of them feel like a chore to maintain either. THIS is playing beyond.

n_n3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

i'm 5+ hours into the game with only 36% completion only... 90 medals found/awarded out of 1000... this game is more than a game... it's TIMELESS!!! anyone, and i mean ANYONE who thinks they're a true gamer MUST experience this game... you cannot die a gamer if you never played this BRILLIANT game through (and don't be a wuss.. go Hard & Crushing, PWNer!) ... this shouldn't get GotY, it should get game of the GotD (DECADE).

Vojkan3988d ago

it has a feel of a big budget movie

KINGDRAMA3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

yeah i caught myself thinking that alot.......especially on the ...well, basically every level. every action sequence and every gun fight.

im gonna beat rnc first then try this again on hard.


LOL. daamn, we have no idea what the ps3 is capable of.