New Metal Gear Remake For PSP?

Ripten's Josh Pankratz reports on a possible new Metal Gear Solid PSP title in development.

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Dannagar3988d ago

Konami has a billion other franchises they could make and it seems as though all they are interested in making is Metal Gear games. Guess they are trying to milk it for what it is worth.

CrazzyMan3988d ago

untill they create high quality products i am happy. :)

n_n3988d ago

i really hope so, they did an awesome job on the firs MGSPO. good to hear they brought some of that gameplay mechanic to MGS4.

DrPirate3988d ago

Day One purchase for me.

God I'm such a fanboy..............(Metal Gear fanboy that is)... :(

solidboss3988d ago

a bigger metal gear fanboy then u and yes i was the one who disagreed with you

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