Which Witcher Is The Witcher 2, 2.0?

Rock Paper Shotgun: "CDP have spent the months since the release of The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings putting yet more work into the title. This all comes to a head with the release of the 2.0 patch on the 29th. This enormo-patch adds a load of content (even – gasp – a tutorial!).

We spoke to CDP’s development director Adam Badowski to find out what the Polish development studio had been up to, and how they’d reacted to the feedback on their game. We also asked whether it would take four years to get to sequel, and were told that the team are still considering whether to make a full-blown expansion…"

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Voxelman3205d ago

Everyone that hasn't brought this game that has a decent PC (even ones that don't should buy it as they my upgrade in the future) is a bad person. And everyone with a 360 should pre order the game even the ones that have already got the PC version!

We need more developers like them and they need more money so they can hire more people and make more great games!

The Witcher 2 was already my favourite game of the year so far and it's about to get even better.

outwar60103205d ago

witcher 2 is a very good game i can play on ultra(uber sampling off) at 1080p while maintaining an average of like 54 fps

bumnut3205d ago

Ubersampling is overrated anyway, Id rather have the extra fps.

Ubersampling is not worth the drop in framerate imo

outwar60103205d ago

what is it supposed to do anyway? maybe it will make the visual difference when the ati 7000 range come out and the 600 nvidia range

vikingland13205d ago

I will get witcher2 for the 360 for sure. I don't have a pc that can run it.

Si-Fly3205d ago

I have nothing but admiration for this team, constantly improving the an amazing game with a relatively small number of employees. The big boys in the industry could learn a few things from them!

outwar60103205d ago

but they wont because they are douches and the big boys are those who make genereic call of duty games