SimCity Societies gets 5.8/10 from IGN

While there are achievements and medals to be earned within the game, there's no real point to playing SimCity Societies beyond simply seeing if you can get the whole thing up and running without losing money. Artistic types can certainly use the game to create some spectacular cityscapes but trying to tie them into a specific function isn't going to be easy.

That's fun by itself for a short period but you'll constantly be battling the developers' decisions about how the game should work. The energy assignments don't always make a lot of sense but even when they do, the energy really has no real effect on the character of your city or its inhabitants. Without some sort of scripted challenges, it all just feels like you're just spinning your wheels.

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remix3989d ago

either uncharted or mass effect.

there really the only two contenders, so we will see

jaja14343989d ago

Least I be mistaken, this thread has nothing to do with game of the year or Uncharted...

gamesR4fun3989d ago

pretty sure the score was way to high on this graphics suck game play sucks now sim earth there was a game.

KINGDRAMA3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

CRYSIS *pimpslap.

antoinetm3989d ago

what a waste of a good franchise...


argh... back to sim city 4

xplosneer3989d ago

There's no zones and you have to individually pick your buildings. That's rediculous. Crazy even.