New F.E.A.R. gets 7.1 from Worthplaying

... "Well, there may be two reasons, which is why I hate writing this review. Those reasons are Halo 3 and BioShock. The FEAR games invite direct comparison to both of those titles because of their shared genre and shared gameplay tropes. FEAR is an infantry-based, horror-themed shooter; Halo 3 is mostly infantry-based; BioShock is, if not explicitly a horror game, a game that is using many of a horror game's narrative "tools."

Compared to either of those games, FEAR is very much just kind of there, and it's difficult to avoid that comparison at the moment. It's coming out at the wrong time, on the wrong systems, and it's the worse for the timing."

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felidae3988d ago

now this is what i would call a bad review.

lol ... some guys ...

xaphanze3988d ago

FEAR is an old game.An expansion right now wont make miracles.