The Dark Souls Review Diary: Part 3 (IGN)

Keza MacDonald writes:After Part 1 and Part 2, Keza's time with Dark Souls before the review is coming to and end. SPOILER WARNING: Very minor spoilers ahead.

What's striking me about Dark Souls, after five days in its company, is how open-ended it is compared to Demon's Souls. Every time single time I talk to someone about this game, I learn something new – where to find an ashen lake hidden down below a swampy mire, what that bird in Firelink Shrine does, which characters are hidden in the game's dungeons, or which rare items can be found by chance, through valiant deeds or as the result of careful exploration.

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jon12343210d ago

this game is gonna be tits!!

shammgod3210d ago

Not sure how you have two disagrees there...I am overly excited for will be tits and ass

Darth Gamer3210d ago

Wow, I haven't heard the term "tits" being used in that sense for about 20 years or so. Brings back memories of the late 80s. hahaha. Crap I'm old!