Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Prison riots!

Some direct feed of the prison level in the new upcoming Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

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Sphinx5866d ago

...and before you say, "it's coming out on the PS2, too!", I know it does, but not with the graphics or as many people in one screen. And, I'm sure the AI isn't as good, etc. And yes, I know it'll come out on the PS3 sooner or later, but I want to play it ASAP. The next-gen is now, and the PS3 is not-so-fashionably late.

Eternal E 8085866d ago

aint interested in this game what so ever because im real picky on the type of game i buy i dont like to spend $60 on a game i myself aint happy with also i dont like ubi soft & splinter cell games mainly because i dont like dark games and this dont look much of an upgrade from its xbox version wich i already exspect from ubi soft because there alway half a$$ with there games just like EA they both never realy put much effort in any game they make theres alway feture that they could of added but didnt or some flaw that made there game crap to me so this holiday from ubi soft im gonna be geting rainbow six only.

silent ninja5866d ago

what do you mean ubi don't put effort in their games? are you talking about about gameplay?because i would have to disagree with you. play GRAW on 360 and xbox and tell me if you get the same experience
if its graphics? you should know that 3rd pary devs don't take adavntage of consoles


Eternal E 8085866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

i know what your saying but im talkiN about ubi soft period and GRAW was a dissapointment to me because if you compare the SP to the MP its like 2 different games and thats what i mean by not puting in features that they should put in the MP wich to me would have been a great game because the SP in GRAW was a total upgrade from the GR series.

The BS Police5866d ago

I liked Chaos Theory alot so I can't wait for this game.

M3RCUTIO5864d ago

This is my most aniticipated game this quarter.