Top 5 Most Anticipated RPGs – September 2011

RPGLand tallies up the votes and takes stock of the most anticipated RPGs of right the heck now. Regardless of release date (announced or expected), what is the RPG world looking forward to the most?

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imoutofthecontest3766d ago

Ni no Kuni's announcement for stateside release was a surprise to me since the DS version didn't make it. Looking forward to that and...
-Grand Knights History
-Diablo III
-Mass Effect 3
-Disgaea 3 Vita
-Tales of Graces F

3766d ago
rumplstilts3766d ago

Dark Souls is one of the only games that I've seen this year and said "I must have this."

knifefight3766d ago

Is there a release date for Diablo III yet?

For me the #1 is Mass Effect 3 even though I just said in another comment that I'd like a new Jade Empire. Another Jade Empire isn't announced we are XD

Skyrim is going to blow a lot of minds for sure.

Also I think this should be listed as an article because it's not the author's list, it's the voters' collective results.

Tony P3766d ago

I'm only looking forward to Skyrim, really.

I will play ME3 just to finish out the story, but the game has long since fallen from "must buy" for me.

aPerson3766d ago

In no particular order:

- Dark Souls
- Skyrim
- Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
- Diablo 3
- Final Fantasy Versus 13
- Final Fantasy 13-2
- Tales of Xillia

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