Top 5 Must Buy Games of 2011

CG: Seeing as how we still have a lot of 2011 to go, I decided to do my Top 5 Must Buy games of 2011. There are some that have already come out, but they are so good they're worth mentioning. So here we go!

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gamernova3215d ago

Battlefield has to be in there and give me all the shit you want but I'm also looking forward to MW3. Dead Island has to be in there too.

Ghost1073215d ago

She is really flat chested

Amiz3215d ago

You call that flat chested? She clearly has breasts.

I hate to be the one to break it to you but this is what a regular women looks like. Not the silicone filled, fake boobed, pushup bra wearing women you see on porn sites. Seriously have you never seen a real woman before?

Chuk53214d ago

Yes, thank you for reducing her opinion on games to the worth of her body. Nothing like misogyny in the morning.

troncoparati3215d ago

They could have mentioned Dark Souls. Like Demon's Souls it could become a sleeper hit among RPG fans.

Kran3214d ago

True for them all.

These 5 games arent getting "blowing your top" anticipation like Skyrim and Battlefield 3.