Proof PS3 Rage already using PC level “super texture” pack?

Game.Blorge writes: "All of the hints dropped by id Software seem to indicate that Rage for the PS3 may be the best console version and even go toe-to-toe with the PC version.

If id Software has somehow managed to bridge the gap between the PC and the PS3 while using the same high-res graphics using the “super texture” pack running at 60fps, that would be a monumental achievement."

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fluffydelusions4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

"toe-to-toe with the PC version"

No just no. Console versions will be great but it's not matching the PC version. Even _if_ it has better textures PC version will run at higher FPS and have higher resolution options in addition to all the usual tweaks available. And given the fact that this is id this is sort of a no-brainer. id invented the genre and pride themselves on graphics.

dirkdady4385d ago

I agree, it wont be 100% toe-to-toe with PC, as you can theoretically get above 60fps and high resolution than console. But it may be enought to bridge the gap between upper-middle class PCs to consoles.

Dante1124385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

@ Panda

I hope the 360 version will be the same with it's recommended 21GB full install too. Wish I could use that but I only have a 4GB 360.

dirkdady4385d ago

"The Xbox 360 offers full disc installs, but doesn’t appear to install a separate “super texture” pack."

@ Dante112, probably not..
the 360 install just seems to be the regular full game install to hard drive and doesn't appear to install a separate set of textures.

reynod4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Well console gamers can only make themselves feel better by listening to such stuff.

Most of the time they even get deluded by the devs. Devs feed console gamers all sort of crap... "oh we are using 100% of so and so hardware only this time we really mean it."

Repeatedly most of the console gamers will fall for this sort of crap only to be dissapointed when the game actually releases and real head to head comparisons are made.

Imo console gamers need to wake up, there is no way 6 yr old tech is going to perform anywhere close to entry to mid range PCs of today, Nvm the highend that was out of reach even when consoles launched.

HeavenlySnipes4385d ago

because you said it? I'll keep that in mind....

kikizoo4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Stop overhyping pc power, i knwo exactly what is a good pc games, and you can't find tons of games with better graphics than ps3....most of the games don't use the extra power new high end pc have, because most of pc are not powerfull enough, devs have to devellop for the majority.

"to perform anywhere close to entry to mid range PCs of today"

LOL, even with best pc, it's close, better, but close...

@reynod, keep dreamin, i have a good pc, multi are most of the time the same games (with better resolution/aa, sometime) and i know exactly that you can't find a single uncharted, a single lbp, a single gow3, and most of the better games on pc...it's sure bbc3 and best new pc games will have the best graphics with a high end pc/cards, but it's a minority of games, and pc...

reynod4385d ago


Lol what are you on about. Even multiplats on PC look better then PS3 exclusives. Lol spam disagree as you will, its true. Its arite mate, some dev will cheer ya up by promising how well they are utilizing the Cell lol, have fun facing disapointment after disapointment. Sad some PS3 fans actually took comments like 120fps seriously lol.

Elyxir-pSx4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

PC gaming sucks(my opinion), and can you name all of these so-called multiplats that look better than PS3 exclusives?

Bladesfist4385d ago


Bad company 2

Computersaysno4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )


This is my worry. PS3 gameplay footage, taken with a cam off screen at TGS last week.

The framerate is very dodgy and stuttery. I hope that this is a early build and the finished thing is far better. The game has gone gold BTW, several weeks ago.

PS3 won't match PC, its just not possible unless Id have gimped the PC version on purpose, and i doubt that! Does anyone REALLY believe that PS3 can match an Id coded PC game unless Id have been lazy on the PC side? REALLY?

I agree with reynod that many multiplats on PC look better than any PS3 game. This is just how it is though- you have to expect that now PS3 is 5 years old!

Still i would expect PS3 to have the best console version, which is surely the most important point for the PS3 guys right?

pixelsword4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Yes. Just Yes;

It's funny that Carmack's word can't be questioned when he talked about the PS3 being inferior to the 360 before he even had his hands on it, but when once he has his hand on it and made a game, then he "hints at" this, all of a sudden, credibility goes out of the window.

He himself said that people were looking under the tables or whatever to see if it wasn't running on a HIGH-END PC.

So yah; it's entirely possibly that the PC version of a uber-graphically strong game made by the PC genius himself may have found it's match on the PS3, and the PS3 may be the one to get if you don't have a high-end PC.

Ju4385d ago

Same video, less studdering (IMO):




Can be anything. From bad camera, video encoder, etc.

Looks good to me.

radphil4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

"kikizoo + 3h ago
Stop overhyping pc power"

I just kinda facepalmed at this.

Static hardware is apparently greater than evolving technology then.

Just because the software doesn't use it, doesn't mean the technology is crap. Look somewhere else other than games, if you want to see the true tech.

wicko4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

PS3 doesn't have enough VRAM to support higher resolution textures than PC (and neither does 360). 256MB for PS3, vs on average probably 1GB on PC. 8GB install = uncompressed textures, animation, meshes, etc. The game takes multiple discs on 360 so it is understandable that they'd want to have such a large install. It means they can stream textures quickly and reduce pop-in, and stream other assets if their engine supports it.

I don't really know why people expect 6 year old hardware to suddenly outperform < 1 year old hardware. I am perfectly happy with my PS3, games still look great these days, and I probably use it more than my PC. Apparently I'm a more rational PS3 owner than others posting here..

peeps4385d ago


"Just because the software doesn't use it, doesn't mean the technology is crap."

Isn't that that the guys point though? I mean we all know the tech in PC's is constantly improving... but that doesn't mean it's used that much by games.

Take your average multiplat game that releases across ps3, 360 and PC. If they release the game on either the ps3 or 360 they know every single owner of either console can play their game and have the same experience as the next.

Now say they turn they make that game on PC use the latest technology available, the fastest processers, best GPU's etc etc. The game looks stunning... problem is how many people have the latest tech, and thus the game doesn't actually sell.

The point is games on PC are held back a great deal because they need to appeal to as many people as they can so whats the point making a game that can only run on very high end hardware if that sort of spec isn't common in the gaming market

radphil4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )


What you said it's true, especially from a business standpoint.

The point I go across, is those here thinking that a system can match up to the specs of a PC, because they have to limit themselves to adapt for all, where as they're either instigating, or ignorant of the matter.

The person I quoted made it as if PC can't get any higher gap than consoles now, in which is a costly mistake.

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fluffydelusions4385d ago ShowReplies(11)
kevnb4385d ago

it looks really good on consoles, and amazing on pc. The engine appears very well optimized and scales well.

Laika4385d ago Show
Ju4385d ago

I was pretty impressed by the recent released Circus gameplay which was all PS3. Quite awesome footage with steady - and fast (!) - framerate.

If the controls are not the id typical controls (Enemy Territory anyone???) id might be on to something here.

showtimefolks4385d ago

and looks good i could careless about how it compares to other versions.

Jocosta4385d ago

Oh I wonder where all those disagrees came from?

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xTHRASHx4385d ago

@ Dante

No matter the size of the install the video card and CPU in a 360 can not match up to a gaming PC. Thats GAMING PC, not the one your mom has in the basement that gathers dust and you sometimes play Sims on inbetween Call of Duty and fapping.

saladthieves4384d ago

Finally good to see developers taking advantage of a platform's strong points, such as the PS3's blu ray capacity.

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Pandamobile4385d ago

Yeah, okay. 8 GB install automatically means that they've loaded the super high res texture pack?


dirkdady4385d ago

Tim Willits explained that the 8GB install was specially approved by Sony.. he said it will allow them to use Rage textures at the highest level possible.. ie. PC high-res texture settings.

It sound very plausible given, Carmack saying Doom 4 for Ps3 could come with super texture pack.

Pandamobile4385d ago

When Rage comes out and every texture on the PS3 version is 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 like on the PC texture pack, I will eat my own shorts.

fluffydelusions4385d ago

You are indeed correct about the 8gb but there are other factors to consider as well.

imaballa994385d ago

Can anyone even tell the difference after 1080p resolution?

Pandamobile4385d ago

It's not game resolution it's texture resolution.

And yes you can.