First PS3 joystick unveiled: Thrustmaster T. Flight Stick X

Thrustmaster has launched the world's first PS3 joystick, T. Flight Stick X. The joystick is also PC compatible and available now for around £25 (€32/$50). It provides PS3 gamers with additional functions and features but also has an incompatibility issue.

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wil4hire3989d ago

Blazing angels sucks terribly...

Seems that we need a good flight sim game to go w/joystick no?

socomnick3988d ago

for Once I agree with you blazing angels does suck. I cant believe they made a sequel.

darx3989d ago

I see alot of Sony fanboys THRUSTING their backsides on to this thing.

And you know who you are!

kalistyles3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I posted this two days ago. How does this get approved.