DICE: Console players 'aren't getting less Battlefield 3'

DICE producer Patrick Liu has moved to assure players of the console versions of Battlefield 3 that they won't be getting less off a game than their PC counterparts.

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-Alpha3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Yes, they are

No use denying/spinning it, most don't even care anyway

dangert123215d ago

Looks at player count on PC O_O
looks at player count on console O_O
ah I love It when people put 2+2 together and it = 9

evrfighter3215d ago

oh wow what's bringin on the blatant lies?

lociefer3215d ago

i wont lie ,the 64 player count is very tempting , when the beta starts im gonna see if my video card can handle the game, if not, then its ps3

BattleAxe3215d ago


Its a tough world out there, I guess you just gotta do what you gotta do....

lastdual3215d ago

Yeah, they're just trying to spin it in a positive way.

Saying "console gamers aren't getting less" is effectively the same as saying "PC games aren't getting more", but you won't hear Dice say the later...

Dice's PR people are starting to sound like politicians :)

morganfell3215d ago

I have reserved retail versions for both the PC and the PS3. The PC will be getting the more advanced version from a technical standpoint. There is absolutely zero argument in that regard. The PC version will also see mods that just will not be possible on any other platform.

On the other hand, the community structure and friends interaction offered by consoles is unequaled by any PC system, be it Steam or otherwise.

In the beginning Dice went out boldly talking up the PC version in a very aggressive manner. And not with out cause. It is nothing short of phenomenal. We have been treated to a visual feast on the PC that outclasses anything so far with the exception perhaps of Arma 3 which will not be out until next year.

However, in the midst of rightful bragging over the 'no argument PC version', some of the EA staff and development team overstepped the boundaries of common sense. And by common sense I mean the common sense that controls marketing and prevents demographic alienation.

Some members of EA found it necessary to not only state the obvious technical advantage of the PC version but in the process, attack the console versions of their own game. Seriously, who does that in their right mind? It is one thing to go after a competitor, but it is ludicrous to state in so many words, "If you get the console version you are getting a sub-par experience" And that is basically what they did.

There is stating the console versions will not offer the same performance and then there saying, "The console version is far below what we are doing on the PC." It hasn't been PC sales that have kept EA where they are. And apparently some people at EA have now remembered this fact.

The idea of marketing is to increase interest and promote sales. Not indicate to potential buyers that their platform of choice is getting less than another platform...even if that is the truth. And not to indicate the facts in a delivery method that some times approached rudeness.

Some may state EA were being honest. But if you go back and look at the manner in which that honesty was related, on several occasions it does almost seem like some of the remarks were from Activision. All EA need do is look at what generates most of their sales to realize they erred.

Ducky3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

^ "The PC version will also see mods that just will not be possible on any other platform."

Actually, we don't know if there'll be mod support.

If EA hogs the server files like they did with BC2, then it's highly unlikely that we'll get mods.

"On the other hand, the community structure and friends interaction offered by consoles is unequaled by any PC system, be it Steam or otherwise."

How so? You have a community structure on PC that is always online and has more features than either console's online.

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life doomer3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I think a lot of people do care, it's just that there's nothing to do about it.

JsonHenry3215d ago

Well, if you don't like it get it for PC. No one making you buy it for a console if you think you are getting less for your money.

UltimateIdiot9113215d ago

Exactly what I did. I hate Origin but I'm going to put up with it as it does deserve a shot at becoming something more like Steam.

Steam wasn't perfect Day 1 either.

trenso13215d ago

So you expect people who only have a console to go out and buy a $300-$1200 or whatever the cost a pc rig is just to play this one game? It's unethical and I know how much better 64 players can be but I want to have fun, and I definitely won't have fun spending that much on a rig for one game

Letros3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Unethical...lmao, if it's coming down to you being able to afford a $600 PC, you might have bigger issues in life than someone being unethical.

DeadIIIRed3215d ago

@Letros if you think it's normal to spend >$300 to get 12 more players and one 64 player mode then you've got issues

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TheFirstClassic3215d ago

I'm getting it for ps3 and I admit that it is the lesser version. It may still be a great game, but the pc version is still better, no matter how you sugarcoat it.

gogospeedracer3215d ago

People, the consoles are underpowered. Sure it will be a little less but that is what you pay for. If you want to fork over $1,500+ for a computer to play the 'Pro' version then that is your choice. I'll play on the consoles as that is 'my way to game.'

kennyboy3215d ago

consoles are underpowered, maybe for this developer but if pc is so powerful i would really wonder why no ps3 exclusives are on pc not even gengi and please dont use the sony owns the titles excuse the games are only possible on ps3

gogospeedracer3215d ago

Kennyboy, you know better than this right?
If you're not, then you don't know anything about these systems, computers or specs!

Ducky3215d ago

^ He's made that comments many times before.

It's a duplicate account anyways. If he wants to believe that console exclusives are only exclusive because they can't run on PC, then more power to him.

Jobesy3215d ago

@ kennyboy, I wonder how ps3 games are made? Hmmm, they must be made on a ps3 right?

StoneyYoshi3215d ago

700 dollars and i have better than the recommended settings for my pc. i dont understand why people go over the top with their numbers when it comes to something they don't know. I mean you sure can spend 1500 plus to buy a pc to run it if you are going to buy a gaming rig from dell, when my pc is probably alot better than anything dell has to offer right now.

Legion3215d ago


I am sorry but that has got to be the most uninformed thing I have read in a long time. That is where you get with intuitive thought versus thinking about how something really works with a little bit of logic thrown in.

Legion3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

@Kennyboy I am assuming you meant to post this on here instead of PM me? Let me help you out.

"kennyboy4h ago Block
so you tell me why arent ps3 exclusives on ps3
not even one not even gengi if pc was so many leagues more powerful than ps3 then theres no reason of why a multiplat version of any ps3 exclusive could be made for pc also, the title shouldnt take a hit at all should it since pc is a gazillion times more powerful than ps3 matter o fact it should look way better, pc is no competitor of ps3 why cant pc play ps3 games, i mean theres not even a ps3 emulator whats wrong, i got several disagrees and no agrees, but really this is n4g the agree disagree system is always in favor of pc fans this is a fact since what is seen everytime a cod article comes up on this site any support of cod gets disagreed and any trashing of cod gets agrees on this site, so right people get disagreed and wrong people get agreed with on n4g but my point is right no matter how many agrees you get and how many disagrees i get"

I already supplied him with some info to help him understand. Anyone else speak kennyboys language and wants to try explaining? Thanks.

Legion3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Anyone got a way to explain to him simple logic? Here is his PM to me again. Not sure how deep his brainwashing is? He seems to think exclusive means it can't be made to play on any other system.

"kennyboy21m ago Block
Re: so you tell me why arent ps3 exclusives on ps3
well ill just believe it when i see it as of now all pc games are mostly being ported to ps3 and 360 even your beloved crysis and witcher 2 not one of ps3s exclusives are on pc theres no way a pc is similar enough to run the same thing as ps3, pc makes ps3 games the same way pc makes movies, meaning they design movies they dont run the visuals that the movies are putting up there pc can handle any game on consoles, as in multiplatform games yes, and after nearly 5 years theres no ps3 emulator, i mean as far as i just heard they have xbox 360 games supposedly running on ps3, but not gears 3, sonys not even the owner of all the ps3 exclusives so that excuse is void, your crazy if you think sony would fork up that much cash to secure exclusives from a platform that ps3 is not only not in competition with but supposed to be 20 times more powerful than or a magnitude more powerful than it theres nothing to loose then"

TheGameFoxJTV3214d ago

Dude, I just built a new PC for BF3 and it didn't cost but around 700

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Iroquois_Pliskin3214d ago

yep, we are DICE. But look we arent mad at you! DICE is doing a great job on PS3/360, i think they deserve every penny that i will spend on BF3!

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Combo3215d ago

You know you're lying

Ramses33215d ago

Yeah, they get just as much (tpught bubble: not really, the player count is halved and the maps are smaller and the graphics arnt as impressive and...)

ginsunuva3215d ago

Lol the player countis actually less than halved. It's 3/8'ed. :)

3GenGames3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I know that's how BF has been [Been a 1942 player since it dropped and also every game but BF2 because I don't have an amazing PC] but I don't really like it. I like the 12 on 12, you can make it personal with some people. Plus, 15+ snipers in one map would be stupid, no matter what size.

Consoles aren't getting less BF3, as player count!=Greatness. I mean, are you really going to say that MAG>BF3 since it has more players? HELL NO. Don't act like player count is a game breaker.

DeadIIIRed3215d ago

Well said, how do you only have three bubbles?

GameZenith3215d ago

No, Higher player count does not equal better game. But in the case of Battlefield, it DOES make a better game.

Unlike most games which are meant to be enjoyed with smaller counts, Battlefield is built on the premise that there would be a large count of player running around doing various things. Go all the way back to Battlefield: 1942 on the PC. Some of my greatest matches was when the game was filled with 64 players making it a 32 v 32 experience. When it was like 7 v 7 or 14 vs 14 it wasn't the same game. In some ways, it was slow and boring.

Battlefield is MEANT to be played with a larger count. Hell, BF is one of those games that would justify a 128 player experience [64 v 64] because the infrastructure and framework is based around large player counts such as large maps, air space, vehicles etc.

So in a sense, console players ARE getting less of the BF experience in comparison to the PC crowd.

Gazondaily3215d ago

Just say it like it is man. Why sugarcoat it? Of course console players are getting less Battlefield: lesser visual fidelity, less players and small scale (possibly).

KonGreat3215d ago

And a more expensive game too!

yesmynameissumo3215d ago

Good thing no one is putting a gun to my head and making play the console version. Even though I am going to be buying and playing the PS3 version. As long as the game is as good as it looks to be, I don't care what my PC brethren are playing. As they don't care what I'm playing.