Looking forward to Forza 4

Kevin McLennan is looking forward to the upcoming launch of Forza 4 on the 360 in October, knowing this, we asked him to put together some words about it. As if by magic, they appear after the jump.

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Quagmire3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Definitely looks awesome, graphically also.

Are the V8 Supercars included again?

ironwolf3206d ago

Yes. At least some are.

just_looken3206d ago

im looking forward to see the real gameplay not some cgi trailer or a belive me this is real stage demo's. Also dirt 3 has the graphical edge as far as race games go.

n4gisatroll3206d ago

Doubt it, EA is blocking that from happening. I doubt Porsche really cares if their cars are in games.

beast242tru3206d ago

i must say forza 4 looks really stunning

JellyJelly3206d ago

Can't wait to take the crappiest car I can find and turn it into a monster. :)

iamgoatman3206d ago

That is fun.

Tuned the VW Rabbit in Forza 3 into a Veyron destroying drag beast. Didn't handle too well though.