Must Own: Dark Souls [] writes: ""Prepare to Die!" It's the simple slogan chosen to sell and describe From Software's spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, to the world and it's an apt one. Demon's Souls runaway success in 2009 was driven by the positive buzz it got from casting aside all modern design notions of handholding and guiding the player, and Dark Souls appears to be no different. Fans know it will be a game that is brutally tough, but rewarding and fair for those who stick with it."

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mephman3208d ago

Really can't wait for this game.

ShawnCollier3208d ago

I love the phantom idea they're using for those who get early leaked copies.

fozzness3208d ago

There are no words that could express how excited I am for this game... <3

Coramoor_3208d ago

I never played the first one, but all the hype from it has made me more then passingly interested in this one

Getowned3208d ago

dude don't have it ? get it it's only 20$ now can't go wrong.

eddvdm3208d ago

For me, this game have achieved one thing that I never felt about any other game: I feel like I'm going to the toughest [game] challenge I've ever had.

If you played Demon's and see something like "Dark Souls is harder than his predecessor, and still fun *as hell*" you should have feeling the same.

Just pre-ordered mine, I was waiting because right now I'm in trouble with money, but I just can't miss this, even more when they're 'giving' the limited edition for pre-orders.