Jade Raymond, Ubisoft Poster Girl

The Bitbag writes, "We've seen tons of footage, interviews, trailers and commercials. Along with most of the hoopla that surrounded AC, there was one notable thing that was prevalent; producer Jade Raymond's cheeky smile."

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gamesblow3992d ago

Assassins creed Blew and I'm sick of seeing her too.

Skerj3992d ago

That rhymed!! But I still don't see why everyone's all spazzing over her, she's a woman oooooooooooh wooooooow never seen one of those before.

WilliamRLBaker3992d ago

it blew for you, because you sucked at it, I have the game and its awesome:)

And skerj dont act like you never do it, you know for a fact you and your male friends sit and see a hot chick and are like DAMNN thats hot or some such stuff 99% of men do it your not part of the 1%.

Panthers3992d ago

Its more like 2% and they do the same thing, but over guys instead.

WilliamRLBaker3992d ago

yes because only 2% of men are gay right? *rolls eyes* oh and I admit I do that with women WOOO HOO look at that hotness and the like.

BrianC62343992d ago

This clown seems to like to post crap from this crap blog. Why?

BrianC62343992d ago

My previous post I asked if The Bitbag is Tordavis's personal blog. I just looked at his profile under his submissions and I have to say it must be his site. Almost every story he has submitted is from that site. What's with that? I never even heard of the site before. Does allow people to just post stories from their own site to help get hits? It sure seems like this must be true.

TheMART3992d ago

I have to turn that line around:

I'm sick of Assassins Creed and Jade blows

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Jinxstar3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

There is a girl who works in the Fire Dept with me. Everyone thinks she is so hot. I dont and I explained to them why. "If I saw her in a club I wouldn't think twice but because she wears the same gear we do you guys think shes hot" They all kinda looked at me and realized I was right on target. Same goes for Jade. She is good looking but if I saw her in a club I wouldn't care much. It's that fact that shes a gamer.... Sorta... that makes her hot to so many.

Edit: In all honesty she has a very exotic look to her as well. Not typical like Nicloe Kidman beautiful. More like Claire Forlani or Natalie Portman semi exotic types.... A plus in my book. Still though nothing amazing about her looks over those others I mentioned

Edit 2 @ both below.

Good points a hole is a hole. Its all pink in the middle however I want to be looking at a face not the back of a head due to looks....

Also yes I date normal girls as well. DD boobs dont impress me. The girl I date now is ambitious, smart and very cute. Not Amazing looking but very attractive none the less. just the kind I would want.... Anyway this article is about jade not my girl.... Jade is cute I will give her that but if she was not in this industry she would be "just another girl"... Not a FHM or Stuff girl. She is though due to the industry and marketing. If she didn't want the attention Ubi shouldn't have gone with the marketing style they did. I do feel they used her and her looks to try and sell the game and not her talent. Cause from every interview I have seen she doesn't have much talent... I could be very wrong but from what I have seen this is true.

fury3992d ago

But who cares if hot or not? Hole is Hole, right?

WilliamRLBaker3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

speak for your self, I dont find women with triple D boobs and weigh 100lbs to be hot, I dont find any women that appears in FHM,STuff or Maxim, Or playboy or penthouse to be hot, I'm attracted to regular looking women that dont have lbs of makeup on their faces.

I dont want a gamer girl because Id have to fight for her attention with games!

Edit: 3 disagrees, really not a single man on this site stands a chance of geting one of those women so why be sexuall attracted? my sexual attraction actually exists and relies upon real life possiblities not wet dreams but then again I'm advanced for my age unlike most of the lil boys around here.

Kratchet3992d ago

We've also seen tons of comics...

fury3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

...of horny gamers and their white juice.

tordavis3992d ago

See that's what I'm talking about. Piss poor man.

fury3992d ago

Chill and have some fun grinch

Jinxstar3992d ago

Hey Fury. I thought it was funny =P

Bub's for you man.

NewfZ3992d ago


I was expectin' to see that comic that Jades suein SomethingAwful over though. Bubbles for you.

demolitionX3992d ago

we need some nude jade pics out here :P

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Slayer OP3992d ago

Ill be damned if this gets to the top 3.

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