Gamers, Stop Watching Fox News

Fox News has a constant issue with talking about video games without any research or bias reporting. Here is a look back at some of the more popular over-reactions...

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8bitninj83550d ago

Fox News has a constant issue in general about talking without any research.

JsonHenry3550d ago

All the major news networks just re-hash Reuters and the AP.

Fox is not exclusive in its inability to report a real story with competent reporters.

LtSkittles3550d ago

They might not be the only ones, but they're the worst ones. "OH YOU DON'T AAGREE WELL YOU'RE WRONG." I know, because I live in a house where all the other people watch is that, and shows like NCSI(Not that NCSI is a bad show. Yeah, MSNBC has some people on there too that take their views too far too.

TopDudeMan3550d ago

They just talk to the uneducated middle-aged technophobes.

MrDead3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Gamers, stop watching Fox News?????????????
How about everyone, stop watching Fox News!

This is what Charlie Brooker has to say about it

barb_wire3550d ago

Yes, because CNN or MSNBC are just the bastion of journalistic integrity aren't they?

SebastianSB3549d ago

They just don't do anything worth talking about. Every mainstream news source has its own slant due to the inevitable biases of those who work there, but Fox will blatantly make things up as they go along. They create 'news' where none actually exists just because they want to stir the pot. In many ways they're mainstream trolls that just say whatever they can to screw with people and rake in those sensationalized ratings.

palaeomerus3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

This is not game news. This is just lame political jabs. Who the hell approved this shit?

SebastianSB3549d ago

Political jabs? Politics play very little part in this article at all. It's about a willful lack of professionalism in a media that people flock to.

You don't see CNN claiming that Katamari trains children to destroy the world, and you don't see MSNBC claiming that L.A. Noire encourages spousal abuse. Are they liberal mouthpieces? You betcha. But they're still commenting on things that are actually news and have some basis on reality.

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