Top Ten Best Party Members Ever

GB writes: "Awhile back, we presented our Top Ten Worst Party Members Ever. Today, however, we’re feeling generous, so instead of hating on people, we’re gonna spread a little love around. Game Breakers presents our Top Ten Best Party Members Ever, to celebrate the people we just love to love."

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WhiteLightning3211d ago

No Jansen from Lost Odyssey...

He was the best party member you could have

ChocolateGiddyUp3210d ago

Most definitely. I don't care who's the strongest or who knows the most magic, blah blah blah...I want the guy who drinks too much and gets into fights with children on my team.

tiffac0083210d ago

Not to mention he ended up with the a hottie of a queen. XD

They should have added Alistair from Dragon Age once you get his Paladin skills going no mage can stand in your way.

-Mika-3211d ago

This list is lame. There no-one from the "Tales" series on there.

Godmars2903210d ago

Can't help but note that all but two of them are from Squaresoft games.

HeavenlySnipes3210d ago

I liked Glen from Chrono Cross and Balthier the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.