Review: Splinter Cell HD (This Is My Joystick)

For modern-day gamers, it’s probably hard not to picture Sam Fisher as a Jack Bauer-esque, off-the-rails; hard-ass who smashes criminals up against glass mirror panes and flushes their face down the toilet. However, there was life before Fisher’s transformation into a ruthless renegade with a zest for conviction, and it materialised around eight years ago.

Back then, we were playing with a different Sam Fisher. Instead of seeing bloodshot eyes and a midnight shadow, we were playing an experienced veteran, kitted out with tri-focal goggles, and tasked with figure-heading a new government operation. He was a by-the-book professional and the absolute best in the field. There was no way the government would allow a simple detail like retirement get in the way of re-enlisting their golden boy.

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Quagmire3212d ago

have they patched the ability to invert the controls yet?