Halo 4 | What We Want

With Halo 4 announced and in development, Dealspwn sits down to discuss what they want from 343's first foray into Halo

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gillri3219d ago

please on xbox 720 and not this gen

KMCROC3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I want halo to be better than 1,2,3 but ten X as good as the prequel Halo Reach was & on killer next gen hardware.

gillri3219d ago

yes if we want to see a reinvented halo, this gen wont do

imagine how amazing a nextgen halo would be leike

candystop3219d ago

Yes next gen please but if its anything like Reach this gen will be fine. All I want is to fill like I'm playing Halo again and I mean back to its roots of CE, coop and sidewinder.

palaeomerus3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I didn't find much to agree with in the article. Lame.

Iron sites is a really dumb idea for Halo. It's not CoD or Borderlands. We already have pull in for sniper-weapons. That's enough. And Mjolnir armor does targeting assistance so iron sites really doesn't fit the background.


Armor Abilities are fine as a basic idea but probably need to be tweaked and rethought a bit for a new game. Some of them are silly like "sprint". Spartans have enhanced muscles and nervous systems and train constantly to stay at their peak and wear power armor that speeds them up. They should not need an external doohickey to run a little faster for a brief time.

(And if you MUST use it as a power up then make a big deal out of it! Put the camera to third person and make it so you can briefly outpace a mongoose with extreme maneuverability and make it assist jumps greatly enhance a melee!)

Some armor abilities like the healing bubble shield are just weird and should probably be one-shots more like the options of Halo 3.

Maybe dual wielding should be brought back in a limited form (to prevent certain combinations) as an armor ability. Maybe an alternative health/shield system (to the default) should be an armor attachment just to give a different gameplay option.

No vehicle carnage in Reach? We must have played different versions! Wanting more that we got is fine I suppose but I blew up plenty of vehicles and hijacked some too. It had plenty of vehicle stuff to have fun with.


I do agree about the sense of mystery though. It would be best if we did not fully understand what's going on for the first half of the game like in the original.