Interview With Actress Sno E. Blac – aka Satele Shan

Ask A Jedi: Last week we brought you news of actress Sno E. Blac and her portrayal of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well this time, we’ve got something even better – a short interview with Sno E. herself, plus an exclusive photo gallery!

About a year ago, Sno E. was hired to portray the image of the then-unknown Satele Shan. Part of that process was having a 3D scan of her head and face to capture the likeness and expressions we would see in the future Jedi Grand Master.

Sno E. was nice enough to take some time and answer a few of our questions, so without further adieu… Enjoy!

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Bathyj3895d ago

Why are all these voice actors so hot?

I can only guess they started out wanting to be regular (film/tv/stage) actors and for whatever reason didnt make it so voice acting became an option.

The old saying "you have a good face for radio" just doesnt apply here.

Pozzle3895d ago

IIRC she's a model and an actress too. :)

Drazz3895d ago

She's just the face of Satale Shan, Jennifer hale does the voice.