Star Wars: The Old Republic Creative Director Charles Boyd Leaves BioWare

Creative Director on Star Wars: The Old Republic Charles Boyd recently announced that he will soon be leaving BioWare after having spent more than a decade at the company. Boyd was first hired to work on the game as a writer back in 2006. He worked on the story for the Trooper class before going on to become Lead Writer in 2013 and eventually Creative Director in 2016. Boyd is well known among fans of the franchise for having contributed to the story in the expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

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starforge71134d ago

hmm rats deserting a sinking ship me thinks

PapaBop134d ago

Well to be fair, what has he got to actually direct? They've put the game on life support and throw a bone once in a while. They hyped up a 2-3 hour story chapter as an expansion and certainly don't seem to be working on some proper content.