Burning Embers: F*cking Zombies in my F*cking Video Games

Every Monday Ember crawls from his cave to come and deliver his opinion to you the readers. His grumpy Monday attitude fuels the fire that burns onto the screen to form the weekly article: Burning Embers. This week, Ember moans about the shambling menace that are too many zombie titles.

samurailincoln4680d ago

I agree. There's far too many zombies games out there. There's also too many military FPS titles and RPGs with Dragons.

DistrictMime4680d ago

If its not zombies, then it's aliens, if its not alien than possessed nazis.

I totally understand that with zombies, theres a million what if scenarios these developers think about doing and thats probably why we see so many. People just love to kill zombies no matter what type of game it is.


The 6 Dirtiest Moves in Games We Cannot Approve Of

Outside Xbox live by a strict code of honour and observe the Geneva Convention at all times, but not all videogame combatants are so humane. Witness their low blows and cheaty guns brought to fist fights in this damning exposé.

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generic-user-name3365d ago

Interesting that an Xbox orientated channel would use a PS3 exclusive to show off (mgs4).

DarXyde3365d ago

Cassie Cage's move made me cringe. That was awful.


Here’s An Updated List Of Games Available In PlayStation Now Beta

GearNuke: "PlayStation Now Beta invites have started to roll out for the PS3 and PS4. As users are starting to get their hands on the Beta, we are getting leaks about the games included in the latest PlayStation Now Beta. Thanks to an anonymous leaker, we can now take a look at the current list of games available on the latest PlayStation Now Beta."

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Neonridr3706d ago

Not a particularly exciting list, but a wide variety of games there at least.

DarkLordMalik3706d ago

True. But considering the fact that it is in Beta phase, and also taking a look at the recent leak when PS3 games appeared on the PS4 store, I feel confident that the lineup when it launches will be solid :)

Neonridr3706d ago

yeah, I wasn't trying to imply that this was anywhere near the type of selection we should expect. But if I was involved in the Beta phase, I wouldn't be super excited about this round.

I know by the time the final version rolls out the library will be massive and quite varied.

I'm excited just to play some of the larger 1st party titles from the PS2/PS3 era that I missed.

BattleAxe3706d ago

If these are the types of titles that PS NOW will have at the time of official release, then this service is dead before it gets off the ground.

MONOLITHICIDE3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

How so. Because they dont interest you? I for one think the list looks great considering I never got around to purchasing or playing rocketbirds, oddworld strangers wrath, dead island riptide, papa & yo, overlord and return of matt hazard. Plus you dont gave to subscribe to the service if it doesnt attain to your liking. Oh your an xbot. No wonder. Cant wait for Microsoft to shut down their spy console. Good ridence. Can we please get sega or sonething back.

BattleAxe3706d ago

Yeah, that's right, because they don't interest me. Do you really believe that people would actually pay a monthly subscription for those games?

I don't know anyone who would be interested in that list of games. People would be better off just sticking with PS+.

To sell a console you need big blockbuster games, and the same can be said for a streaming service. This isn't supposed to be some supplementary add-on service, this is an entirely new business venture.

Mr_Writer853706d ago

Isn't it a game by game basis and not a subscription service.

Neonridr3706d ago

I love how if you aren't jumping up and down at this news suddenly you are an "Xbot" according to Monolith. BattleAxe is simply saying that if Sony is not including their large 1st party titles into the PS Now library, then the appeal will be even less. Great that there are titles that interest you, you would see value in the service with games like that. But many others would simply not.

Prime1573705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

This isn't the full release list... I think it's naive to think this is the same list you will have outside beta. I'm enjoying the beta, and can't wait to hear more about their plans.

Sony said the streaming content is more than just a monthly subscription. When they announced it they mentioned renting games, subscribing, and streaming demos instead of downloading.

I'm in the beta, and have liked what I see. I'm sad to see the old list of games go, but, hey, it is free games.

I'm sure they will talk a lot about their full plans at e3 as PlayStation now it's set to release in the summer.

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Alex_Boro3706d ago

Looks like I'm not beta testing this. I got my code now but line up of games looks boring.

Homegamer3706d ago

Wanna send that code my way homes?

Prime1573705d ago

They track that. Part of the reason you get the code is based off of physical location in the world. That's why beta = testing.

They want to optimize for people with different isps, locations, speed, etc..

Moe-Gunz3706d ago

Man they wasted a code on you :(

ginsunuva3706d ago

Testing =/= you getting free games that you want.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7773706d ago

Ugh! no racing or fighting games! pass.

mediate-this3706d ago

Is playstation able to play online games such as streetfighter or is it just sp, because i see this as a fail if it cant do online.

Mr_Writer853706d ago

It will have online play as well.