Could Io Interactive be Working on a New Freedom Fighters Title?

Freedom Fighters provided a fast paced and strategic thrill ride. It unfortunately, also ended on a rather big cliffhanger, with only NYC having been liberated. When news that IO Interactive was looking for a multiplayer developer for a yet unannounced third person title "with strong cooperative multiplayer elements," there was some speculation that a sequel was on the way. IO Interactive has remained mostly quiet on the subject, but does seem to be aware of the demand, and despite eschewing previous plans for Freedom Fighters 2 in favor of Kane & Lynch development, representatives have said recently that a sequel is something they're interested in doing.

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electricshadow3358d ago

This is one game that deserved a sequel. The first game was so much fun and I'm pretty it sold well considering it was on four platforms.

Corax3358d ago

Who knows but can we all say ABOUT DAM TIME! Gaming companies really need to start listening to the customers for a change. They might...oh I don't know make more money. It's crazy I know listening to people who want to buy your product? It's madding just to think sales could skyrocket if they just listen to the consumer.

Entropic3358d ago

Generally I definitely agree with you here, but to be fair to Io Interactive, they're currently devoting almost all of their resources towards the development of Hitman Absolution, which is currently looking incredible. I'm perfectly happy to let them finish Hitman before starting on another title; Absolution is currently my most anticipated game of 2012 hands down.

It could be though, that the reason they're hiring is to staff a new project (such as Freedom Fighters 2)

ThichQuangDuck3358d ago

Freedom Fighters was an amazing game with a gripping story. I hope they stop making Kane and Lynch games and start coming out with freedom fighter games. If you never played freedom fighters you have missed out on a gem

STK0263358d ago

Well, considering how the first one ended, making a sequel would make a lot of sense. Plus, it was a great single player game (the multiplayer wasn't so great).

And to hongkongphooey, I'd say we can get both. The Kane and Lynch games might not be loved by all, but I for one like them, the first one had a better story, the second one had better gameplay and really, these are two game characters I actually care about when playing their game.

ThichQuangDuck3358d ago

I haven't truly played kane and lynch that much other than the demo,but I remember in one interview they said they would not start work on freedom fighters 2 until they were done with kane and lynch. I would just truly enjoy seeing Freedom Fighters 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 because it would be great to see on the glacier 2 engine

sublIME2s3358d ago

Awesome news, Freedom Fighters was such an underrated game! I loved every second of it. Always wanted a sequel out ot this game!

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