First PS3 Box Art Revealed

Until now, the box art design for future PS3 games has remained as secretive as the system itself. We managed to catch our first glimpse at the new format for PlayStation 3 games, thanks to Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming title, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

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CAPS LOCK5865d ago

thanks alot sony, now we can look at the case of the game until march 2007( i live in europe) and i wont be getting a 360, or a wii, i will stick to pc gameing, but still WOW thanks for the games cover, i really apreciate ur hard work in showing us the games front cover early.

5865d ago
CAPS LOCK5865d ago

but i only would get the 360 for saints row, halo 3, fable and GOW...but for ps3 i want to get ff ,tekken, motorstrom, devil may cry, resistance, warhawk and grand truismo.

but for now i will enjoy great fps for the pc and WOW aswell. i live in the uk so i guess i have been abused by sony again. they did the same thing to me with the psp( even though it was worth it all). so if i get a ps3 from the usa all i have to do is change the cable and it would work right? i mean it is region free, but i can i play PAL games on a NTSC console? i mean i changed the cable to the uk one when i imported the psp so can i do it on the ps3?

pros are welcome to help me and make me look stupid.

Silent5864d ago

on the bottom right there is a logo of Sony Online Entertainment.

kingofps35864d ago

please this should be just one of the many they have in mind.

SlaughterMeister5864d ago

does anyone know what the ps3's game cases will look like?

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