SimCity Societies - Will Game's Impact Surpass 'Inconvenient Truth'?

New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin writes:

"Somehow I doubt that the game designers at Electronic Arts are going to be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize any time soon. But given how popular the SimCity series has been, there's a decent chance that the new SimCity Societies game I just wrote about will engage more people with the realities of climate risks and responses than all the yelling about Bjorn Lomborg or Newt Gingrich. It could even have more impact on the American public (those not reading the Huffington Post or National Review) than 'An Inconvenient Truth.'"

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JsonHenry4923d ago

You mean an convenient lie? We are STILL in an ice age for crying out loud!

Anyway, I am going to work. I have a lot of carbon credits and snake oil to sell today.

Armyless4923d ago

I stopped reading after "New York Times (blah blah) writes..."